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Why am I still at home?

I had one of my "crazy" play computer games all night weekends. It's like going on a booze and drugs binge, only without the hangover and painful withdrawal.

However, I did have the most amazing Indonesian food ever yesterday with my roomie before going to see Pirates 3! At least 75% of my love and appreciation for these movies is the heavy influence from the Monkey Island computer games. There were definite moments there where I was literally overwhelmed with love, haha. Meanwhile everyone else in the audience is like *grim face*. It was generally a pretty grim audience! Like at the beginning when the dude very solemnly informs Beckett, "Sir, they've started to sing" we totally cracked up and everyone else was really silent. I mean, maybe they were disturbed by the assembly line hangings or something ridiculous like that, but still funny! ;)

I also loved the depiction of Davy Jones' locker. The dead souls floating under the water were a bit reminiscent of the Dead Marshes from LotR but I loved those too. I just can't get enough of dead people floating under water, apparently. The Singapore scene was absolutely fantastic, because I'm from Singapore, and Singapore essentially didn't exist during the time period of the movie! Not saying that to be nitpicky about historical accuracy at all, it's more that I love that they made absolutely no effort at all to have any kind of accuracy in the movie, leading to all these really fantasy-like locations.

Wasn't keen on the ending, though. pipinghell had the right idea when she said that Norrington should have taken over from Davy Jones. Then Will could have lived happily ever after with Elizabeth. Yes, yes, boring, cliche, etc, but this is a big, fun, popcorn movie so give it a big, fun, popcorn ending. Speaking of big, they really kinda' dropped the ball on Calypso. She became really big and disintegrated into a pile of crabs. Then she made it rainy. Umm, that's nice. Roomie pointed out that there should have been a Calypso/Davy Jones resolution, and I agree.

But those are kind of minor things to me. I mean, they did that shit over and over and over again in X3 and I walked away from that movie not thinking it was awful. My favourite of the lot has to be the second one though. I absolutely loved the cannibal island stuff (MONKEY ISLAND REFERENCE!) and the three-way swordfight *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge* and bone cage scenes were lots of fun.

Saw the trailer for The Golden Compass and was absolutely blown away. I love love love steampunk settings.

Uploaded an Alfie interview for frala and all you Sens people too, I guess. :P
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