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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Why am I still at home?

I had one of my "crazy" play computer games all night weekends. It's like going on a booze and drugs binge, only without the hangover and painful withdrawal.

However, I did have the most amazing Indonesian food ever yesterday with my roomie before going to see Pirates 3! At least 75% of my love and appreciation for these movies is the heavy influence from the Monkey Island computer games. There were definite moments there where I was literally overwhelmed with love, haha. Meanwhile everyone else in the audience is like *grim face*. It was generally a pretty grim audience! Like at the beginning when the dude very solemnly informs Beckett, "Sir, they've started to sing" we totally cracked up and everyone else was really silent. I mean, maybe they were disturbed by the assembly line hangings or something ridiculous like that, but still funny! ;)

I also loved the depiction of Davy Jones' locker. The dead souls floating under the water were a bit reminiscent of the Dead Marshes from LotR but I loved those too. I just can't get enough of dead people floating under water, apparently. The Singapore scene was absolutely fantastic, because I'm from Singapore, and Singapore essentially didn't exist during the time period of the movie! Not saying that to be nitpicky about historical accuracy at all, it's more that I love that they made absolutely no effort at all to have any kind of accuracy in the movie, leading to all these really fantasy-like locations.

Wasn't keen on the ending, though. pipinghell had the right idea when she said that Norrington should have taken over from Davy Jones. Then Will could have lived happily ever after with Elizabeth. Yes, yes, boring, cliche, etc, but this is a big, fun, popcorn movie so give it a big, fun, popcorn ending. Speaking of big, they really kinda' dropped the ball on Calypso. She became really big and disintegrated into a pile of crabs. Then she made it rainy. Umm, that's nice. Roomie pointed out that there should have been a Calypso/Davy Jones resolution, and I agree.

But those are kind of minor things to me. I mean, they did that shit over and over and over again in X3 and I walked away from that movie not thinking it was awful. My favourite of the lot has to be the second one though. I absolutely loved the cannibal island stuff (MONKEY ISLAND REFERENCE!) and the three-way swordfight *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge* and bone cage scenes were lots of fun.

Saw the trailer for The Golden Compass and was absolutely blown away. I love love love steampunk settings.

Uploaded an Alfie interview for frala and all you Sens people too, I guess. :P

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yay for me!!! :D

also if wil coems ashore and his true love is waiting for him his curse is lifted so he does get to live happy ever after it'll just take a while :)

also if wil coems ashore and his true love is waiting for him his curse is lifted so he does get to live happy ever after it'll just take a while :)

Wait wait wait. WHAT?!

(And did you not stay for the bit after the credits? Hee.)

thats what happened to davy, his love wasnt there so he was doomed forever *nods* if calypso would have been there it would have been okay

I didnt but I heard about it n'aw


Oh, that's right! I vaguely remember hearing that bit. Okay, that makes it better, but it wasn't really obvious.

I think it was so funny too how he literally gave her his heart... in a box! Reminds me of Stephen King and his quote about how he has the heart of a young boy... in a jar on his desk.

LOL so sweet... and slightly disturbing!

I had other things to say, namely that I liked the bittersweet ending and thought it was fitting for Will, and a nice counterpoint to Calyspo and Jones (though their ending was poorly executed, I agree). But I hadn't considered Frala's point, and reading around I see a bunch of people think that was the point, and either that could have been clearer, or wow, I am stupid.

Anyway, I loved it too, and I thought a lot of the visuals were fantastic. (Especially the floating dead -- apparently I dig that too?)

Nope, you're not stupid; it definitely could have been clearer. I totally didn't get it either.

Still, I enjoyed the movie, despite four hours of sleep and a 14+ hour headache. >.< That's what I get for trying to move and go to a bday celebration on the same day! ;)

I'm glad it wasn't just me! The way it stands, I really think either interpretation is possible.

I think I just didn't like the direction they took with Will making him kick ass. I really liked his ineptitude because it reminded me of Guybrush Threepwood. Only Elizabeth should get to kick ass! Will should try... and fail. :P

I liked that they integrated all the effects so seamlessly. It's one of those movies where you're not aware that an effect is an effect as you're watching it, which is the whole point. They had such beautiful sets and backdrops too. I loved that the Shipwreck Cove fortress was made up of piles of shipwrecks. :)

Haha, I liked that Will got to kick ass. He still didn't kick as much as Elizabeth. ;) (I don't know who Guybrush Threepwood is though, so.)

I loved that the Shipwreck Cove fortress was made up of piles of shipwrecks. :)

Ah, me too. :)

Basically Guybrush was this hapless wannabe pirate and he always tried to save the damsel who was apparently in distress but in fact was laying a trap and would end up saving him in the end. It was very fun. :)

Because I'm, um, a huge opera dork? (Who TOTALLY didn't catch this until, uhhhm, today. Fail.) Wagner's The Flying Dutchman is basically about a sea captain who is stuck off the shore of Norway (stuck in storms, swore he'd keep sailing until he reached land), cast ashore every seven years or so to try and find a wife who will be true to him (until death, I think?) Anyways, he's stuck there for a long-ass time and the girl he eventually marries kills herself so... uhm.... Will Turner's got it easy, man. Totally easy.

Heee, true, that is WAY worse.

Then again, nothing is worse than romantic opera. Swear to god. It gives badfic a run for its money.

I'm just endlessly frustrated with what they did with Norrington, especially since he does have a rather large fan following. The second is also my favorite. It built up so much stuff I was hoping to see! *giggle* Still *loves the crazy of it all*

Hee, I'm glad you like the second one too! I heard a lot of people say that they didn't like the second one as mych as the first but I thought they were a lot more creative in the second one!

I LOVE the second one and like you, I love the visual creativity of it. I mean the first one flirted with being a live-action retelling of the classic piratey yosemite sam and bugs bunny battles, but teh second one actually delivered through! The water wheel battle, the hamster ball skeleton cages, Jack spinning off the bridge....in fact his whole battle with the peligoso women was pure Looney Toons.

Also it won me over to Norrington, I found him priggish and dull in the first one but in the second one they did some serious character development with him. *still bitter about what they ultimately did with him*

Ha! I never even thought about the cartoony nature of the whole thing until you mentioned it, but I did think it reminded me of Monkey Island, which is itself extremely cartoony. It was all loads of fun. :)

I really enjoyed all the ambiguous/ambivalent relationship stuff and all the deceptions. I'm going to wait for the inevitable 3 DVD set and pick that up I think. The easter egg ending scene should have been part of the main movie and it should have been explicit that the curse was lifted (I didn't think of that conversation from the second movie where it was explained, even though I watched it right before I left to go see Pirates 3!) but that's the only major objection I have.

(I didn't think of that conversation from the second movie where it was explained, even though I watched it right before I left to go see Pirates 3!---Wait...which convo was that? *perks*

I don't even really remember who she was talking to, but it was Calypso telling someone about the legend of how the curse would be broken. It was in a cabin on a ship though (I know, so specific. :P).

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