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Spezza! Lost! Giants!

So I was watching parts of Wings/Ducks Game 6 that I'd missed, and during the first intermission, there was a phone interview with Spezza. Now, I know Versus has had its share of problems with NHL coverage, but wow, being downright disrespectful to a player??? I mean, look at this:

I mean, all of us know that he's a very special boy, but there's really no need to embarrass the poor guy by pointing it out to the hundreds of people who are watching Versus!

Anyway, if anybody is interested in the interview, I can upload to YouTube. It's a phone interview, though, so no visuals of giggling Spezza. :(

So when they showed the first "flashback" of Jack last night, I immediately had the feeling that it was the future, just because of his really weird behaviour on the plane, being all drunk and unsettled, when in the pilot he'd been really calm about flying. And then all the substance abuse problem stuff. If he'd done that in the past, he wouldn't have been able to be all holier than thou with his dad. But then I was also all puzzled when it seemed that Jack's dad was still alive, but there wasn't anything definitive about that.

So I was expecting someone from the island to meet him at the end, although I was also partially surprised at the same time. I'm good at doing that whole forgetting stuff thing. When I read the review for Sixth Sense and they mentioned the twist at the end, I thought, what if the twist is that Bruce Willis' character is dead? Then I promptly forgot about it and was all surprised at the end of the movie. >.<

On the bright side, the finale didn't make me cry! I think the closest I came to it was when Jack said "because I love you" to Kate. He believed that Kate was with Sawyer and he just said that with kind of a... pure smile, like that was all there was to it. *sigh*

Lost seems to want to get everyone who's ever been on Las Vegas to guest star on the show. I hear that James Caan and Nikki Cox are out, so will we see them next? :P

I'm starting to kind of like the SF Giants. :( It's all Barry Zito's fault for being the gateway. And Matt Cain's. And Tim Lincecum's. :(
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