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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Damn you, Veronica Mars!

Well, I got up this morning, went to check LJ, still a little sleepy, and was confronted with a comment titled "Anna Kournikova tits and ass". It was very bracing.

I really liked that little moment in last night's handshake line when Giguere and Holmstrom smiled and talked for a while and Giguere patted him on his chest after he'd probably been driven crazy by him during the series. I think the last 5 minutes of that game were probably the most thrilling so far in the playoffs for me (unless I've already forgotten some more thrilling moments, which is entirely possible where I'm concerned).

The Veronica Mars finale was... see, the show is mostly likely going to be cancelled, and if it is, then I'm disappointed by the finale. But if it's not cancelled, then I thought it was adequate. I'm big into closure, but beyond that, it ended with a bunch of stuff being in the middle of storylines. Wah. At least Friday Night Lights will be back. :D

Man, WTF is with television making me cry??? I mean, seriously! Jericho, Heroes, Lost, Brothers and Sisters, Gilmore Girls all made me cry and even freaking Stargate Atlantis made me weepy! (Notable exception to that is the scene from Supernatural where Dean is all weepy and delivering this "emotional monologue" and I'm just kind of yawning and wanting him to get on with it because he's just not pulling it off at all.)

My heart melts whenever I think of Sheppard offering to duel Ronon to the death so that he can die in battle.

[Edit: Wings/Ducks handshake line

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Ha! Like I followed it. They're probably selling Cialis. :P

I wanted the pics as well :(

Also Sheppard is a cool guy, i wish I liked the show as much as I liked the fanfic :)

I've read some really great SGA fan fiction and I usually don't like FPS. I think because the characters are really well-defined and they're such a mix of personalities that you could explore really rich interactions between the two of them.

As Chrissy pointed out a while ago (making the show much more enjoyable for me), basically all they do on SGA is run around getting into more and more trouble, seemingly without direction. I then accurately predicted that they would at some point almost destroy the universe.

What happened Veronica Mars?!?!1 I missed it!

You should be able to watch it at the CW website.

I don't know if my computer will hold on for that lol *shakes fist at hockey being on the same time* lol

It seems like everyone's computer is falling apart!

Yeah, mine doesnt like the heat. It keeps restarting itself lol

Is that a laptop or a desktop machine? If it's the latter, it's probably dusty and if you're feeling adventurous, you can open the case (after disconnecting the power!) and clean out the dust with some cloth or q-tips for the fans.

Yeah, i've done that before(I just did it again because as I was typing this reply, it shut off lol). The problem is our computer is 6 years old(the harddrive is 4ish) and the mother board is popping. So it like overheats and stuff. It's fine when it's nice out, but when it's 80 like it is now, yeah. My computer hates it lol

Yeah, it's time for you to get a new machine. :P Get one of those cheap Dells. Anything you get will be guaranteed to be faster than what you have now. :P

*laughs* My computer actually isn't slow most the time, it's just the restarting that's annoying hahaha. And we are planning on getting a Dell, but first we need money haha.

I don't watch, but I'm pretty sure that VM's cancellation is official now. :(

I've cried a lot too! (Also not at Dean, because he very rarely gets me with anything emotional.) But Lost, and oh my god, the Gilmore Girls finale . . . ::waves hands::

It's not official until June 15th, but it almost certainly will be cancelled. I wish they'd made more of an effort to wrap things up properly because they must have known that they were likely to be cancelled. :\

Jensen is just not a very good actor. :P He can do light comedy and teen angst, but anything beyond that he can't pull it off.

Dude, Charlie making the list. And understanding the sacrifice he has to make. *cries* And so many things in Gilmore Girls! "Mom, you've already given me everything I need." And Lorelai's mom trying to finagle a way to keep Friday night dinners going and Lorelai realising and then saying she's going to keep going anyway and Luke doing all that work for Rory's party and waaaaaaaah!!!

Ahh, okay. Everyone I know has talked like it was a done deal, so that makes sense. I hate it when there's a chance of cancellation and shows don't wrap up properly (I know some just don't get the chance . . . sometimes I still mourn Joan of Arcadia. Sniff).

Hee, he really isn't! I love him and I love the show, but yeah.

Oh, Charlie's list! I still doubt that he actually WILL die, but that really, really got me -- the shot of his ring left in the baby's crib? Gah!

As for GG -- yes, all of those! And when Lorelai checked in on sleeping Rory for the last time like that, sob. I've had some problems with GG over the past year or two, but I thought the finale was perfect.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh Joan of Arcadia!!! I loved that so much. The only non-RPS fan fic I ever wrote was for JoA. :) I actually really didn't like the introduction of the character to oppose her, though. Like I thought she had enough challenges and difficulties in life even without it. I didn't like it when they introduced the Jason Priestly character in Tru Calling either.

I really enjoy the brotherly bantering and stuff and fun urban legend/myth of the week type stuff in that show! But they keep trying to add all this Weight and Seriousness and Dramatic Situations to the show and... it just doesn't jibe with Jensen and Jared's lightweight acting skills and also the fact that the storylines are incredibly stupid and full of loopholes. They need to mold the show around the brothers' strengths, damn it! :P

The first thing I thought when I saw that was OMG AARON COULD HAVE CHOKED ON HIS RING!!! Then I went to the Lostpedia forum and other people had the same crazy thought too, hehe. I loved the sentiment, though, and it's so ironic that Charlie's brother gave the ring away then ended up being the one settling down and starting a family.

Yeah, I love how we were left with that shot of Lorelai and Rory bantering in Luke's diner, and it's like... even though they'll be separated they'll still be on the phone with each other every day and their relationship will endure and they'll always be the Gilmore girls and... *CRIES*

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