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The Invincible M.A.E.

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I have an obsession with the handshake line

For those of you in the US who missed out on the end of the Senators/Sabres game today because it switched over to Versus for the OT, I uploaded it.

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I like seeing the other pov :D thanks!

Haha, you get to see our shitty coverage! :P

LOL!!!!! it was much more sabrecentric ;)

bless you times ten thousand times!

I did but it's always nice seeing again!

I didn't see it earlier because I couldn't watch... so... thanks. I missed the salute. I was glad to see that.


Ahh, I love the salute. *sniffle*

Clearly I wasn't jilted by NBC, but thanks anyway! The French channel had the Versus feed here and I wanted to see that coverage too, but I knew from experience that if I tried to flick back and forth I'd miss everything. :P

If it's freaking Emrick doing the SCF coverage I'm going to do my cheesy Canadian proxy cheat to watch it online on CBC instead. I actually did that for the Vancouver/Anaheim series cos' I wanted to hear Hughson's commentary. :)

Haha, I don't blame you. Bob and Harry can be so frustrating, but Emrick is HORRIBLE.

Thank you so much. We weren't home (out at the rink playing) and had no idea about the switch until it was way too late.

I almost missed it myself cos' I had wandered off during the intermission. Then I wondered why there were horsies on my TV. But I rewound to the end of the game and heard the message that they were switching to Versus. :P

I have a handshake obsession too :P

Thanks many many times for sharing.

Hee, I kept them from all the series this year, and I still have all the ones from last year too. I love seeing all the emotion. :)

You're welcome! :D

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