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Zetterberg/Havlat = clone sex!

Happy birthday, SDQ!!! You are a year older, yet I'm sure Mark Bell would still leer at your ass!

I get really freaked out whenever I see Zetterberg on screen (which he is, quite a lot) because he looks so Martyish. He's got that kind of glazed, open-mouthed, unfocused stare into the distance when he's sitting on the bench, then he has that glazed, open-mouthed, suspicious glancing around him thing going on between plays. Very bracing.

Since there's "only" one game on every night now, I've gotten into kind of a LotR kick, finally listening to commentaries, watching extras, etc from the extended editions of the DVDs. And suddenly, LotR is everywhere! I'm watching the DVD, then I stop, and Dominic Monaghan is on a late night show. The next night after I stop watching, I see Orlando Bloom on a late night show. Apparently the guy has never owned a computer until now, and he hasn't even taken it out of the box. He has never googled himself either, and I thought that was probably a good thing since he'd inevitably run into some porn involving him and Viggo Mortensen, and then he talked about how his mother has googled him a lot, and then I thought maybe she'd found some and *shrieks*.

Anyway, it's probably for the best that he's a technological caveman.

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