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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Game 6! Game 6! Game 6!

Going to Game 6 tonight with tattermuffin!!! Excited, and not nervous. Surely this means bad things. :P

Come on, Sharks. Are you going to let the Golden State Warriors show you up???

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: Yes, yes we are.

: Sweet! We'll always be here for you Mae, until our inevitable comedic implosion!

: *wanders off and breaks wrist in a freak collision with sassy ice cream vendor*

Warriors lost too (or so the people on the bus told me) so they tie tonight? ;)


I was happy I was there tonight. I was kind of glad that at least the boys got to lose at home, and not in Calgary or Edmonton like before. We cheered for them at the end of it all and they raised their sticks to acknowledge us and it made me teary, but in a kind of happy/proud way. They gave me a great season. :)

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