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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Marcel Goc

Rise of the German

After a 2.5 games of slumber, the Sharks are playing Sharks hockey again. Bizarrely enough, it was sparked by wholesale line changes. (Well, and Joe Thornton, but Joe isn't actually human and always plays awesome unless he has a punctured lung, dislocated hip and ebola) The question is, do the Sharks keep playing Sharks hockey? Or do they get confused again.

Disturbing shots of Joe on the bench bitching Guerin out, then later in the game cuddling him after scoring a goal. :( Goc had a fantastic game (for Goc)! He was hustling, actually taking shots on net and stuff! I mean, I didn't expect any to actually go in, but the fact that he was trying! Cheech scored the slowest. goal. ever.

Oilers LW Petr Sykora, who becomes an unrestricted free agent on July 1, has hired Octagon's Allan Walsh as his agent. It's being speculated several teams -- including Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Columbus -- will make Sykora an offer. He was Edmonton's leading scorer this season and has six consecutive 20-goal seasons.

I can live with all of those! In order of preference: Chicago, Los Angeles, Columbus, Philadelphia, Boston. Although, I think his best chance of success would be with LA, because those boys work hard, just not so good with the finishing.

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(Deleted comment)
It was pretty horrifying, but I was too happy about the goal to be upset. :P

Allan Walsh, eh? Marty gets to Patty gets to Petr.

Hmm... they all the the same agent now? The plot thickens.

Guerin deserved to be bitched out. Thank goodness his stupidity in going to the box didn't cost the Sharks the game.

Maybe he will bust out tonight! *hops*

Him and marty in chicago together? how awesome!

also the blurb that runs before a sens story on TSN is "Heatley and Spezza doing it at both ends" I thought of you.

I saw that headline and was traumatised. :(

He's going to be humping Marty's leg in training camp.

What makes you think LA management would try to get a player who can score?

How old is Sykora? If he's over the hill, we'll take him. If he's 12, we'll take him.

Hmm, yeah, now that Dean Lombardi is in charge, he seems to be obsessed with getting every player who used to be a Shark.

I'm sure he thinks he's still a spring chicken.

I thought that was Marty's agent when I saw that! And then I predictably forgot to investigate.

Is this from the Garrioch article, though? Because if so, you can probably bump these teams to the bottom of the list. :P

Anyway, I would do some gleeful hand-waving about Chicago! Boston or Philly, not so much.

I'm still going with the assumption that he'll be staying in Edmonton *sigh* but it would be so cool if he ends up in Chicago, although extremely strange and freakish and possibly the universe would implode.

And yeah, it was from that article. I think Petr would pretty much be happy anywhere there's a fellow Czech to hump.

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