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The Invincible M.A.E.

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All you ever needed to know about Jason Spezza

"I had enough time to tie him up and go down on my knees and he still found a way to get the shot off in 2.7 seconds," Spezza said.

Well said, Jason, well said.

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That quote has been annoying me all day because the Sens are being whiny sore losers, but you totally just fixed it. *snerk*

Amazingly, it completely slipped past me the first couple of times I read it, and then I was like: ...

I think there is an entire series in just that statement. XD

If there's not...there should be!

Spezza's good on his knees. :P

oh geez i can't stop giggling. i don't even know what happened. /damn me for going out all day

What actually happened is pretty irrelevant, muahaha!

BWAHAHAHA!!! Can I steal it to post in my LJ? That is just classic. :)

Heh, sure. Spezza is awesome in his own way.

...and what would you like on your hot gooey spezza?

Hee Jason's dirty! *giggles* I love it!

oh my :)
Thank you Jason. Thank you very much *ggg*

...I am left with nothing to say. But oddly proud. :P

I think that he said it all. :D

Ahahahaha. I'm also filled with a strange sense of pride. :P

He certainly has a way with words.

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