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Waking up in Hawaii

Wow, feels weird to be here. And also to have enough sleep at 6.30 AM, although I did go to bed at 10 PM last night.

I read Long Journey Home on the flight and kept weeping. Chip was very disturbed and kept telling me to stop, and saying he's just a hockey player, but ... but ... he's Cheese Sandwich.*wails*

Thanksgiving dinner was incredibly good. We ate at, uhh, Hukilau Lanai and I ate so much I couldn't have dessert or my top would have literally burst. (Note to self: When pigging out, wear something loose or stretchy.)

It rained yesterday, and it was nice because it was a proper tropical rain. I'm not quite sure what makes such a difference. Obviously, it's warm, but there's something about the smell that's different too.

Today we are going on a hike to Nounou Mountain (sleeping giant) and then a luau at night. (More pigging out!) I will wear a different top. :)


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