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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Playoffs? You want to talk about playoffs?

So the Canucks game started early last night, finished on time, so... I got to watch my first Golden State Warriors playoff game! And wow, it was such a good game!!! I watched them during the lockout, but stopped when they traded Speedy Claxton, which is when they stopped sucking, haha. :P But I was bitter, so.

It was nice to see J Rich all happy and excited, and his thing about accepting Baron Davis and not being the man on the team really reminded me of Patty and Joe. He did used to play hockey as a kid!

Crazy excited about tonight's game (as opposed to my usual dread) because Drew's going to be calling the game with Randy!!! *cries* I never thought I'd see that again for at least 8 years or something.

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Aw, I saw the end of the Golden State game, and of course I'm not personally invested, but it totally made my heart swell! (Especially after the Raptors have found new and inventive ways of crushing my soul, but those are my issues -- the important part is that the GS game was great!)

Drew's back there? That's so awesome. :D

Doh! I thought the Raptors were doing good this year?

It was just nice to see the fans getting all excited and happy after not having the playoffs for twelve years in Oakland. So weird that Jessica Alba was there. Maybe she'll come to the Sharks game tonight, haha!

There's speculation that McSorley is banned from calling the Red Wings series because of negative comments he made about Babcock during a Wings game earlier in the season. There's a vague tickle in my brain, but I can't remember what it was. Maybe if I have the time or interest, I'll watch the game again since I have it on DVD.

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