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Pronger is just one big mother

Uhh, Shea Weber? You're not playing for Nashville at the moment. You can give the dirty play a rest for a while. Or maybe it's just too ingrained in him at this point. :P

Not feeling bad about the Sharks loss yesterday. For some reason, every 4 or 5 games they need a kick in the ass, and they only partially got in Game 1 because they won that one. :P At the end of it all, they got a split in Detroit. Also, it was a nice day outside, tough to be in a bad mood. That's why people around here are a bunch of tree shagging pixies (to quote HOMM5).

Very upsetting quote from Teemu about Pronger that frala shared with me, that I must now inflict upon all of you!
"It helps when you have Pronger in the team," said the cheerful face of the Anaheim Ducks through lean years and fat, 36-year-old Teemu Selanne. "If I go ask Randy [coach Carlyle] to change something, he just laughs at me, or says, 'Get out of here.' But now if there's something, I go to Pronger and say, how about this? Then he goes to Randy, and it's: 'Sure! Why not? Good idea!'

"So Pronger is like a mother in the dressing room. Because you have to keep mother happy. When the dad is unhappy, the family can still be happy. When the mother is unhappy, the whole family is unhappy."

Umm, does anyone understand what this means? Nashville Predators coach Barry Trotz should tell his dry cleaner to remove the hangers from the jackets he wears behind the bench. Does he stand stiffly or something? *scratches head*
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