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The Invincible M.A.E.

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But I wanna see 'em play!

Searched for Round 2 tickets on Ticketmaster at 10 AM and tickets were immediately unavailable. Damn you, Red Wings fans!!! I'll try looking again when they release more tickets, I guess. :\

Man, I have a ton of Stars and Canucks fans on my friends list. :P That was such a fantastic series, not just because it went to Game 7, but because it was great hockey. Great defense, great goaltending... I think the knocks on the offense were unwarranted. It was just hard to score because the other team made it hard. *hugs* to the Stars and Canucks fans for being cool. :)

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bah! *hopes you can get some*

Boo. I will try to get tickets for Game 4 instead when they release more. :)

Every Canuck fan I have talked to has been way cool about the entire series. Giving credit where credit is due and being so sportsmanlike. It has been very refreshing from what I've dealt with in years past. I wish them luck!

We have a good bunch on our corner of LJ. :) There are certainly herds of insane Canucks fans roving the internet, haha.

haha oh yes, i know! we had a few of them on our DS message boards. it was quite amusing!! ;)

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