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The Invincible M.A.E.

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He never sleeps

Wow, that was a really great game, regardless of whether the Canucks or Stars won. I feel so... uplifted to watch a game where teams are playing good, defensive, hardworking hockey with incredible goaltending and nobody is trying to kill anybody else. *cries* Seriously, how is that fun? How is it valid to have a team that has a main objective of trying to kill other people??? And this isn't just restricted to the Sharks series. Ask Wings fans. Ask Canucks, Flames or Oilers fans. Ask Penguins fans even. Urgh.

I blame it completely on Trotz. It's obvious from his media comments in this series, as well as his defense of Tootoo's actions, that he's implicitly encouraging his players to go out and kill people. The GM makes good trades and free agent signings. The scouting staff does a good job. The "native" Nashville fans are delusional morons concerning the Predators, but that's the fault of their horrifically biased and ill-informed announcers, so I kind of only partially blame them. If I was brainwashed into thinking that when other team's players bumping shoulders with my guys was a "cheap shot" while my guys charging into other players from behind and smashing their heads into the glass was a "good hit", I... okay, I really don't want to believe that I would be that stupid. But still, partially understandable.

Trotz is the one true evil.

Anyway, I haven't been able to talk about my series because I've been too traumatized. So I'm really grateful for this game tonight. It's a shame that such good teams have to meet in the first round and only one can go on, but that's the west this year for ya. Oh oh, and called by Hughson. *loves* Best game I've watched from start to finish so far this playoffs.

tamiflu! bkm5191! Anyone who cares about Hull and Avery and slashiness! Did y'all watch the Wings game on NBC today? Avery was a guest during the first intermission and there was much slashiness from beginning to end. :D

"He never sleeps" reminds me of The Ring and the whole "she never sleeps" thing. *shrieks* *sleeps with lights on*

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Personally, I hate needless head trauma, period. Dirty-dirty or "clean"-dirty. I think it's something the league seriously needs to revisit, although I know a lot of people would disagree.

It's silly to me that people are defending headshots. Boarding and high sticking penalties are already in the game. How is adding a penalty for headshots going to remove hitting from the game? I mean in some cases it's avoided at the last moment, but a lot of the time, you can see that the person knew that their shoulder was going to smush the head of someone who couldn't see them, and don't even try to argue that it was "too fast" and there was "no time". If I can see something like that watching on my couch at normal speed, a guy in the game is certainly going to be able to perceive that.

How is adding a penalty for headshots going to remove hitting from the game?

Exactly, I never understand that. People talk like it's opening up a whole can of worms, and I know there are borderline cases, but ehh. The line between regular hits and those hits isn't that blurred. IMO, it's only a "problem without a solution" if you prefer things the way they are.

Heh, I can't remember who it was, but didn't one of them admit that the "too fast" argument is pretty much bullshit? I want to say Iginla, hmm.

There's a lot of borderline boarding calls too. Does that mean, ooh, that penalty should be gone? Yeesh.

Oh, I hadn't heard that. It just seemed like one of those common sense things to me. There's a reason that Scott Stevens had so many of those hits compared to other people.

Yeah, it's nonsensical. I do understand being resistant to change and preserving the sanctity of the game or whatever the hell, but come on/ It's not going to ruin the game, unless lucid, functional players piss you off.

I really didn't mean to get into this tonight! Oops. :)

Yeah, shootouts ruin the game! :P


I love that you can tell they're friends--the way Sean keeps smirking and exhaling through his nose.

The smirking was great, and Hull kept looking all moony-eyed at him!!!

It's really weird seeing Hull get so excited over his teammates. Like he's always happy and smiling and making some sarcastic comment, but then he starts talking about Mo or Avery or Shanahan or Oates and he like... goes off his rocker.

He does! His voice gets different and he starts like... glowing and stuff.

God, I was watching that going "Oh my God, I hope everyone else is watching" because....so very gay.

I got a kick out of Hull saying Sean was "mature beyond his years" though, because seriously.

hahahahahahaha *wheezes* hahahahahahaha.

oh brett oh sean! this almost makes me want to dig out that fic with them. hahahahahahahaha.

oh god thank you mae!

how much was the rent? fre, nothing is fre!


I'm still slightly stuck on Jagr's passion. :(

Hhahhahaah YES

Hull: It was free.

Avery: *glares* No, it wasn't!

I was so dying!!! I was like, Tammy and Bernie have to see this!!!

I'm sure they were both very close to losing it, hahaha!

OMG the whole thing from start to finish, and Hull yelling louder than Shanahan. Even "beaver tap" sounded like something else to me. *grin*

I was traumatized by the Jagr mention. :(

The yelling volume thing cracked me up!!!!!

DUDE. But there was a definite difference between Sean-Avery-makes-fun-of-blacks-and-french-canadians and Sean-Avery-normal-asshole. I'd have to say that he matured beyond where he started in Detroit and the beginning of LA. I mean, other wise, why would NY have wanted him?

I'm sure he's matured a little, but beyond his years? I don't think so.

Well. He was in the league being a total jerk for what? 3 years. So he's matured beyond a 3-year old at this point.

I know, I agree with you and just wanting to see a good hockey with scoring and end to end puck coverage. Not this always having to "kill" the other player. Why would you wanted to be remembered in the playoffs as that type of player or team. Especially with the Sharks/Preds it could be a great series to watch with both teams skills too.

Well, it's not exactly unusual for the Preds to do this kind of stuff. It's just that during the regular season nobody really notices that they exist. :P

THIS is the Sean Avery that I like. Not the jackass version. maybe he's changed? Um. Maybe?

Okay seriously, I also have an issue with this killing-each-other business. Then again, the Nashville Predators just simply are not my cup of tea. They're the opposite. Um. They're my bowl of spoiled goat's milk?

spoiled goats milk is yummy yummy goats cheese!

The preds, to use a great expression of my youth "go down like a cup of cold sick."

Avery puts on a show when he's on the ice. I love the general consensus that he agitates everyone around him--including his own teammates.

I'm interested in seeing what they would be like with a different coach.

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