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The Invincible M.A.E.

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I lied

Uhh, still here. Just about to leave. Wanted to wish everyone


Bye :)

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I am thankful for MC:

Mo's little annoying hockey hobby bores me stiff, (I know it's a phase but I wish it would pass already) but I did watch long enough to see his gorgeousness. I turned it on just as they were showing Mo sitting on the bench (my favorite hockey position for him) and he was just about ready to smile, but was holding it in for some reason. OMG, he looked EFFING FINE.

I also saw pacifier boy get it in the face with that stick. I was SO frightened by that hit. The blood, the stitches, the ugly scar it will leave. OMG, I FEEL THE NEED TO PRAY FOR HIM: Oh Lord, If a stick ever comes into contact with Mo, PLEASE let it make contact somewhere besides the face or the ass. Amen.

You didn't actually think I was worried about pacifier boy's face, did you???

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