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NHL Connect celebrity blogs

So I went to check out some of the celebrity blogs on that NHL Connect site. First of all, it's really disappointing that there isn't a separate blog section, and you have to plough through all the stupid MySpace-like comments to find the actual posts. Who came up with that idea? Or maybe the celebrities are all really stupid and haven't figured out how to blog.

I think my favourite one so far is David Boreanaz. His blog actually made me kind of weepy because he has so much love. David Annable (Justin from Brothers and Sisters, one of my favourite new shows of the season) actually declared his love for Brodeur in his, haha. Tammy Tammy Tammy! Brendan Fehr has one too! You should leave a comment telling him how you lurve him and he is the reason you lurve hockey. I didn't read it, but Willa Ford has one too.
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