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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Sharks at the Giants game

They had an interview with Ryane Clowe last night on NBC Sports Sunday, and at the beginning, they showed some clips of the Sharks players hanging out at the Giants game. *shrieks* Cheech in a Giants jersey! *shrieks*

Anyway, I took screenshots (behind the cut), and I have the video clip, but I'm afraid to upload because there's baseball in it, and I don't want the baseball nazis to come after me again. I'm thinking of just blacking out the Giants images and then uploading that, but then NBC nazis (I've heard they exist) might come after me anyway.

Will mull that for a while. :P

From here:

Hockey players can hit: Sharks right wing Jonathan Cheechoo, the NHL's leading goal scorer last season, showed he knows how to hit off the ice as well as on when he took batting practice with the Giants before Sunday's game. Cheechoo, who said he's only played softball, not baseball, smashed several impressive-looking line drives into the green.

"It's faster than you'd think, especially when it's coming from a human arm," Cheechoo said of his first Major League batting practice. "I think the pitchers hit better than me."

Cheechoo's swing was not too shabby, and he even got a piece of a few curveballs. But don't expect to see any Giants down in San Jose taking slap shots any time soon.

"You just can't reciprocate this because you don't want your players on the ice," Bochy said.

Pitching coach and hockey fan Dave Righetti was responsible for Cheechoo's presence, along with San Jose teammates Patrick Rissmiller, Matt Carle, Scott Hannan, Mark Smith, Ryane Clowe, Mark Bell, Marc-Edouard Vlasic, Joe Thornton and Joe Pavelski. The players presented Righetti with his own Sharks jersey.

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"You just can't reciprocate this because you don't want your players on the ice," Bochy said.


Hmm, you could just put the video on SendSpace or something? At least people would be able to dl and watch if they wanted? Stupid MLB. :(

They're also a bunch of brittle old men. :P

I am suspicious of SendSpace!

xD. Just made me think of Barry Bonds on skates.

*whispers* Guess Chris Simon didn't get the memo. *runs and hides*

I heard Giants and I figured football. Oh, I'm such a New Jerseyan. :P

Nice hat to Mark, btw. :P

It takes me a while to register "Giants" as the SF Giants too and I live in this city. I only really play attention to the A's, though, but Zito signing with the Giants is a little interesting.

The rally cap!

*giggles* Yeah! Like the one they did in Atlanta..only it looks better on Mark. ;)

you know hockey players do have stupidly hot bodies.

You know, my first thought when I heard about this was why aren't you guys toiling away at the rink??? *cracks whip*

There were given the day off!

The day off?! the day off? there are no day's off in hockey! LoL back to the rink!

gah! stupid MLB nazis! If you decide not to put the clip up, thanks for posting these screen shots anyways :D something is better than nothing! :)

You can watch the Giants stuff here!

Ah thank you so much :D I wonder if they got to choose where they wanted to sit...or if Little Joe and Rizzo weren't special enough for the box seats :(

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