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The Invincible M.A.E.

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San Francisco

Big Wheel Race!

It's Easter Sunday, and that means the Big Wheel Race down Lombard Street!

This is actually a really tame clip of it. Today there were about 100 "racers" and the street and intersection were completely filled with onlookers. They did 4 runs, 1 more than planned because they were just having too much fun. I went to watch because Alex and Tessa were racing (on their Diego and Dora tricycles, respectively). They both lost their seats, but no wheels, like a bunch of other people. Someone in their group had also rigged a blue recycling bin to a skateboard, which was surprisingly maneuverable.

Sometimes this city just feels like one big post-college campus.

Wow, what a crazy last couple of the weeks of the season it's been, and what a crazy playoffs it could be, especially in the west. Good on Crosby for winning the Art Ross. I hope he wins the Hart too. And yay for Lecavalier winning the Rocket Richard. I'm all for talented players getting rewarded. :P

I thought I had all this crap to say about the playoffs, but I... don't anymore. Hmm. I'll just say I'm one of the weird people who likes Versus and NBC coverage. I like how slightly pathetic Versus is with its various technical screw ups. It's charming, like a slightly dilapidated house. I like how Bill Clement is that senile, but good-natured guy. I like to hear Engblom's and Jones' analysis, even though I think that Keith Jones is from some bizarre planet where Sheldon Souray would be a great defenseman and Montreal has the best defense corps in the league.

I really hate Emrick's voice, though. :( Especially when he screams, which is a lot. But I especially hate that when that stupid person makes posts to hockey with no content other than EMRICK IS THE BEST COMMENTATOR IN THE NHL!!! and then includes a quote which completely lacks noteworthiness but acts as if it was the wittiest, most insightful thing ever.

Islanders. There's this short story somebody described to me once about this guy who was shipwrecked on an island and he was starving to death and one day he saw this chicken and he attacked it with a knife, and got it good, but it still escaped, but it was obvious that it was going to bleed to death somewhere but he was too weak to chase after it, and he thought, OMG, stupid chicken at least die near me so I can eat you and survive a little bit longer. The Islanders are that chicken.

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I've been lame about posting, but happy birthday, you! :)

Thanks! I had a wonderful birthday dinner. :D

OMG Emrick kills me! I have a hockey comp.game and he's the narrator. UGH

His voice is so irritating, especially when he screams, which is most of the time. :(

Happy Birthday!!! *smish*

We're playing against one of your baby Sharkies; do you follow Devon Setoguchi? I probably have a few pics of him if you do.

Thank you! :D

Ahhhhhhhhh Devin!!! Yes, I do, actually, I was following their last playoff series, hehe. :)

That just made me think of Hasek, then it made me think of Raj Binder and this whole thing about the "Dominator" and wearing his mask and paddling opposing players with his stick and *weeps*

I like the VS coverage! You are not so alone! NBC I get angsty with for cutting off one game to go to another, in the pre-playoff coverage. And I watch so, so little TV that I have lost any tough hide to the commercials (someone in this house will snap over a Dodge ad, one of these days). But otherwise. . . even theirs I enjoy.

That is a perfect description of Clement. <3

It's not lackin' any meat! *maniacal laugh*

I really feel like Clement is my bewildered uncle or something! He generally doesn't say stupid things though, unlike some other people (Barry Melrose).


No, you know, even though she gets to my brain and chews on a tiny little piece of it like a sandwich-eating tsetse fly, the blonde woman on the Enterprise commercial hurts me worse. She hurts my soul. But I have no resistance whatsoever to commercials. They leave me mesmerized. It is thus my fate to be alternately moved to tears, tickled, and deeply, richly offended by the ad-inanity.


...But I do like Clement. You're right, he's only bewildered in very forgivable, endearing ways. I'm always happy to see him, he never makes me pull any hair out.. . These are good qualities in someone to be watched several times a week, this season.

Oh! Ohh!! And the full breadth of the dying chicken metaphor for the Islanders only just now worked itself out in my brain, two days later. >_< I initially thought it was just a very interesting threat. Though, out of context, "You are that chicken!" would be a pretty great tough-talking threat, that I hope to someday have occasion to employ. But, anyway, it makes So Much sense now. And I salute your chicken metaphor.

OMG, "Let's go, girls!" *SHRIEKS* It's pretty horrifying. Luckily I have TiVo so I can just fast forward through it, but if it's live? Argh. It's pretty funny, the Sharks fans on a message board have become completely obsessed with the commercials they play during hockey games (cos' they're always the same ones) and it's so upsetting they've decided to embrace the horror and made "it's not lackin' any meat", Erin Esurance and "hi, I'm Sandi from Fremont Bank" icons.

Good ol' Uncle Billy is such a nice, calming presence. Plus he takes me fishing and gives me candy. Oh, wait...

Ahh, thank you, thank you! I'm not sure that the Islanders would have reminded anyone else of a dying chicken, but it really seemed appropriate at the time! They seem to be putting up some fight so far, though. *cluck* *cluck* *squawk*

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