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The Invincible M.A.E.

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See y'all in a week

Well, I'm off to Hawaii for a week so I won't be updating for a while. We actually have a place to stay, and we vaguely know what we want to do.

I'm kind of excited and nervous at the same time, because we've done practically no planning, and I have the odd feeling that we're going to have no food when we get there. *grin*

I'm not going to be writing while I'm there, but I might do storyline planning and stuff. Damn I'm going to be buried by HD mail when I get back.

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Bon voyage!

Yeah, that's pretty much all I have to say, lucky bitch.

Eeeeeee! Bye, and have fun! I'm sorry I wasn't here to say goodbye. But I was eating Chinese food! *g* I will eat plenty of stuffing in honor of you and make my sister eat cold chinese food tomorrow morning. lol

And no planning means you get to pull the Pretty Woman "fly by the seat of your pants" kind of deal--you get to be spontaneous and fun!

Lol..as for the mail..um..pull a Tammy. Besides, you're already a part of the hd lj community--you can bond with the lazy ass scared ppl who have way too much to feedback and no time.

Have fun and relax...only fun!exercise (ie kayaking, hiking, etc).

As if I hadn't traumatized you enough with Hockey Digest clippings:

Sundin wasn't in the mood for chatting despite the win, obviously frustrated with his inability to bulge the twine, but on this night his team picked up the slack.

"I think Mats has been playing excellent the last couple of games," Renberg said. "He's not scoring but he's leading the team."

Bwhahah..think about that during teh trip!

*evil laugh*

"I think Mats has been excellent," Toronto right wing Mikael Renberg said. "Even though he hasn't scored the last couple games, I think he has shown more leadership than ever. Hard work in our zone, winning faceoffs, creating chances - he does it all."

Sundin's linemate, Renberg, continues to be hot, however, scoring his sixth goal in the last eight games.

Oh you bet your bottom dollar he does.

See what happens when you're not on for me to talk to?! I'm going insane!

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