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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Who's that? Zach Gilford

For tamiflu and anyone else who watches Friday Night Lights, only what I think is the best new show of the season and best show on TV right now (err, pending how good Veronica Mars is, which I haven't watched yet this season)

From TV Guide:

WHO'S THAT? Zach Gilford

Age: 24 Plays: Matt Saracen, the unassuming quarterback of the much-loved football team on Friday Night Lights. In small town Dillon, Texas, football is everything and though Saracen could be BMOC, he's too humble for that.

Where you've seen him before: You probably haven't. FNL is the Chicago native's first big-time role.

Crushworthy: "The joke on set is that my fan base is junior-high girls and older women. No one in their twenties or thirties--just their mothers and grandmothers love me."

He can't make it through the day without: ChapStick. "I've been carrying one around for years. I've experimented with other brands, but I always go back to ChapStick."

If he wasn't acting, he'd be: "I'd like to do wilderness therapy, which is taking kids with behavioral disabilities or drug addictions into the wilderness to rehab them," says Gilford, who's no stranger to outdoor adventures. For the past four summers, he's led high-school students on trips to places like Australia, Alaska, New Zealand and the Grand Canyon. The progress you see in the kids after three days in the backcountry is amazing."

Person (living or dead) he'd like to meet: Michael Jordan. "I grew up watching him in Chicago. I think the only person I'd ever be starstruck by is Jordan. He's very articulate and understands his image is important. And he's one of the best athletes ever."

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Thank goodness for Bravo so I can catch all the episodes since it's on Jericho now.

It is so incredibly good. The dialogue is incredible because it's partly improvised, so it sounds like how people really talk.

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