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Hooray for Spartan kings with Scottish accents!

I woke up early yesterday and considered going to the gym, but decided I was too short on sleep. So when Tessa called and asked if I wanted to go do something outside because it was a nice day, which ended up being a 6.4 mile hike, of course I said okay! ;)

We ended up missing the connecting trail to the trail that would take us back to the parking lot and ended up going another couple of miles or so along the coastal trail which is very pretty. It goes along a hill by the ocean so you have a nice view of the ocean, the beach, and pretty much all of San Francisco from a distance. There were wildlife sightings too! Saw a turkey and a couple of herds of deer grazing on nearby hillsides. One crossed the road at a deer crossing sign, haha.

Our little detour ended up adding something like 2 hours to our hike. At least we picked a moderate one and made it back before sunset.

I watched 300 last week and absolutely loved it. The visual style really appealed to me. They said that they wanted to look a lot like the comic so common appeal, I guess. The music was really good too. Not just the standard epic fantasy music but some heavy metal guitar type stuff and middle eastern influence too. I really loved all the mythical touches they added too, like making Xerxes 8 feet tall and altering his voice to make it sound more godlike. The Oracle sequence was really beautiful too.
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