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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Evgeni Nabokov

Nabby... fought...

So I'm listening to Nabby's KNBR interview and when they had McSorley on soon after the Sens/Sabres brawl, they asked McSorley whether Vesa or Nabby would win if they fought each other (McSorley declined to answer), so they posed the same question to Nabby and he started chuckling, so I assumed he was going to give some... you know, expected answer. Except that he goes on to say that he fought in the AHL against Hershey!!!!!!

Nabby, on goalie fight etiquette: "You don't say a word, you just start punching each other."

I was stunned that Hannan scored a goal tonight by shooting at the net! But then on the replay I saw that the puck was deflected by the guy who went down to block it and that's why it went in. :P Back to listening to the rest of the interview.

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Given how many times I've seen Nabby just coolly decide to pop someone after a whistle, I'm totally unsurprised he got into a fight!

I'm surprised Hannan got a goal with a goalie in the net!

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