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The Invincible M.A.E.

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We're in! We're in!

For those of you who like to watch Shark Byte, I think a lot of you know already know you can find it on YouTube, but this season's episodes are also viewable at the FSN Bay Area website.

The Sharks have officially clinched a playoff spot! It was pretty much a formality as the Sharks have been firmly in the playoffs all season, a big difference from last season when they were fighting hard until the last week, and I cried when they made it.

Guerin has exceeded my (modest) expectations so far. Let's see what he does in the playoffs. :P

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Ooh thank you, it's always nice to have another place to find them too. :)

YAY Sharkies! It's so awesome.

BillyG is doing good. Had a slow(ish) start but is doing good now.

You're welcome!

They put him with a couple of gimps, so I'm not really surprised he didn't start out hot. :P

Yay for the Sharks and Joe, and Beller and the rest!!

I'm hoping that Mark Bell will come up big in the playoffs. :)

omfg billy.

i'm just glad that he's still out west so that i can stalk love him more. *GGG*

good job sharkies, they deserved it! :D

Thanks! At least this season we don't have 7 freaking rookies again and the deer-in-headlights effect will be minimized. :P

Mae, srsly, will you marry me?

It will be interesting to see if Billy has decided that he's old enough to not take stupid penalties in the playoffs. For this season, I'm hoping that's not so. ;)
Hasn't been widely publicized, but Armstrong made a play for Billy, but JD wasn't selling at that point. Instead Army got Nagy. *may I roll my eyes seriously around about that?* I'm wondering if he would have counted double the cap since we're already paying for him. *snickers*

He's taken one kinda' undisciplined one so far, but nothing too bad. I think Cheech has been pretty bad about that so far. >.<

Well. Better than Oleg Saprykin. :P

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