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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Jonathan Cheechoo

Cheech... Cheech...

I was watching Behind the Mask on Saturday and Kelly Hrudey was basically saying that Tootoo should stop playing like an ass and... I thought about Cheech and I just felt so much pride. Here's a kid who grew up in this remote place, had to hunt for food, and had to leave home for the chance to pursue a pro hockey career when he was 14, probably had to deal with racism and he's just dealt with all of it so well.

He doesn't "exploit" his heritage; if people ask him about where he grew up, and about fried moose, he talks about it, but he's not always in yo' face about being Moose Cree, or having attitude because of it. Yet he meets and talks to native kids whenever he's on a road trip in Canada. And he's made speeches to at risk youth too, which I would think is hard for him since he's so shy and looks absolutely terrified on camera whenever he's being interviewed.

He's just amazing as a player. Obviously, he works well in a Brett Hull type role with Joe, but he can manufacture his own goals too. He got 28 on a checking line, and in his rookie year, when everyone else had mailed it in, pretty much, he tried hard every game. That was when his skating wasn't that great, and every game it would be either the puck or Cheech in the net. :P

Anyway, watching that made me so appreciative of Cheech. :) I love him. In a couple of years, he might start making me cry, like I do over Patty, haha.

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That long? I give it a year, tops. ;)

He makes me weepy already.

He already makes me cry when he does stuff, but with Patty it's like I hear his name and I get misty-eyed...

The thing is, Cheechoo actually has serious talent. Tootoo is having to do what he can to stay on the team. It's sad, he used to be able to score goals and not just be a pesty goon. It's like Ott. He was an amazing scoring machine in Juniors. But then...he did have Spezza on his line. ;)

He can still do that if he chooses to. I don't know, does Nashville really keep him on because he's a cheapshotting diver? That thought kind of makes me sick.

I like Tootoo. But I like Cheechoo MORE. (Erm. Make that WAY more!) He's just so easy to love! :D

Only because you never see him play. ;)

As much as I appreciate Jordin's struggles in juniors and stuff dealing with racism and his brother's death; I just think Cheech is so much more personable. He's someone I could see myself hanging out at a bar and talking over a pitcher while playing pool or something.

Well, I don't really know what they're like off the ice. Although I'm a little uncomfortable with both of them being caricatured as if their freak shows. Ooh, he eats fried moose! Ooh, he eats raw meat!

This entry gave me a big grin.

Alas though, my only Cheech icon is all growly.

He has some terrifying moments.

I'm not sure (since I didn't watch it) if you're saying that Kelly Hrudey was implying Tootoo's heritage or the way he deals with his heritage is the reason he plays like an asshole, but . . . This is a subject that can get me pretty worked up, but I will say I don't think Tootoo plays like an asshole because he's Inuit, or because he's faced hardships from being Inuit, I just think he plays like an asshole because he's been led to believe it's necessary, and he's hardly alone in that category.

Oh no, it was kind of an incidental thing. Scott Oake only brought up the Inuit thing because they were discussing how he's very popular and that might make him not want to change the way he plays. So he added that he's popular among Inuit too.

I don't know about being led to believe it's necessary, unless it's by the Predators organization.

The jerk and the Inuit had nothing to do with each other. Well... kinda. But he said something along the lines of that Tootoo is a fan favorite because he is from Inuit and so many people look up to him that he may feel this is the only way TO play because the fans like it.

And also randomly - I had no idea about Cheechoo heh. Shows how much I pay attention

I love this. *sigh* And I adore Cheech, he's one of my all time favourites bar none. I hope he gives us many, many more years too.

Okay, this is one of those things that makes me want to cry, like anything anyone says about Patty. Because, CHEECH! I'm always like, see, see, didn't I say he was gonna be a big star? Didn't I say? In that insane fangirl foaming-at-the-mouth way. Because my love for him is so powerful it makes my mouth foam.

Incidentally, if you haven't yet and get a chance, watch the documentary "A Player to Be Named Later" about minor-league baseball which features, among others, Marco Scutaro in his baby pre-pro days and will make you want to cry and give him lots of hugs.

He's not fully grown yet, but almost! You can't teach goal-scoring and that's what's great about him, he's not like super talented or super skilled. He works really hard and he just has this will to score goals. That's why I'm so excited about Setoguchi. You can't teach clutch.

I will keep that in mind!

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