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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Czech Sexonice

Czech lurve

I was skimming Petr's Wikipedia entry and noticed that a new section had been added...

And in the history it attributes a YouTube video as a source!

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Ahahahaha. :)

(Although I'm slightly annoyed by "of course" -- YOU NEVER KNOW, WIKI EDITOR PERSON!!!1!)

I feel as if I'm responsible for this!

LMAOOO yes this is amazing.

And the fact that they chose the phrase "butt-end" and that it was supposedly a homosexual relationship makes me giggle like nothing else.

Passionate hug is an understatement of what they did!

HAHAHHAHAAH. My love for wikipedia knows no bounds.

AHAHAHAHAAA! I love some of the edits on that site! :)

Aww, apparently there was a lot of vandalism on Petr's page and it kept having to be protected. Poor Petr!

oh man.... *Falls over laughing her ass off*!

Heeeeeee I love the post goal celebrations :)

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