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Why did his shirt come off?

Hooray, hat trick for Cheech!

Uploaded the behind the scenes for the NHL "Road Trip" Promo!

Okay, question #1, you see Jordan Staal pulling his shirt back on--how did his shirt come off??? Question #2, why does Sidney Crosby give a knowing wink about the Staal brothers when he says he's sure that that's "something that's happened before"?

OMG, Vlasic almost fought with Marty, muahahahaha!

Vlasic ponders fight, but settles for shove

CHICAGO - Rookie defenseman Marc-Edouard Vlasic appeared headed toward his first NHL fighting major Wednesday when he got involved with Chicago forward Martin Havlat late in the third period.

But Havlat skated away, and Vlasic ended his shift rather than press the issue. The friction started when Havlat gave Vlasic a face-wash and held his stick.

"He high-sticked me a couple of times," Vlasic said. "If anyone does that, I'm not going to take anything from anybody."

Vlasic said he was upset but decided that settling for a good push was the judicious play rather than risk injury in a scrap.

Why is Marty giving Vlasic facials and holding his stick??? Arrested!!!
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