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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Jonathan Cheechoo

Why did his shirt come off?

Hooray, hat trick for Cheech!

Uploaded the behind the scenes for the NHL "Road Trip" Promo!

Okay, question #1, you see Jordan Staal pulling his shirt back on--how did his shirt come off??? Question #2, why does Sidney Crosby give a knowing wink about the Staal brothers when he says he's sure that that's "something that's happened before"?

OMG, Vlasic almost fought with Marty, muahahahaha!

Vlasic ponders fight, but settles for shove

CHICAGO - Rookie defenseman Marc-Edouard Vlasic appeared headed toward his first NHL fighting major Wednesday when he got involved with Chicago forward Martin Havlat late in the third period.

But Havlat skated away, and Vlasic ended his shift rather than press the issue. The friction started when Havlat gave Vlasic a face-wash and held his stick.

"He high-sticked me a couple of times," Vlasic said. "If anyone does that, I'm not going to take anything from anybody."

Vlasic said he was upset but decided that settling for a good push was the judicious play rather than risk injury in a scrap.

Why is Marty giving Vlasic facials and holding his stick??? Arrested!!!

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OH God, Mae.

The reason Jordan is pulling his shirt back on is, literally, I'm not even making this up, they showed the second take at the Pens/Flyers game James and I went to a few weeks ago:

ERIC WAS TEARING HIS CLOTHES OFF. Seriously. Eric let him get like, TWO shots in with the pillow, and then grabbed at his shirt from the back and pulled it up over his head.

Then he shoved Jordan up against the wall.

Seriously, it was like softcore porn.

Doesn't softcore porn usually involve attractive-to-hot people?


No not always. The shit they show on Skinamax has fugs.

Oh, ok. It's been a long time since I've seen any, I always remember the people being particularly good looking.

Although, now that you mention it, I think Cinemax used to show a bunch of stuff from like the 70s? Maybe they were attractive back then, but by the 90s, all that hair was not so cool.

Well, to me, they are, but whatever.

Oddly enough, that's pretty much exactly what I thought. :P

Thank you SO MUCH for posting that! *lol* I've seen it but it brought a nice happy shinyness to my day. Thank you.

It took me a minute to get your icon. Now that I do: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.

*laughs* That commercial (the Jonathan Cheechoo one) made me laugh so hard.

Oh, see, I hated and loathed and despised that commercial because it made Cheech out to be some granite-faced surly bastard which is completely what he's not, and I didn't like that they were showcasing him that way when the other three all got to be funny, or at least amusing.

The making of segment is far more hysterical. :) Him talking about how the water made his equipment weigh about 70 pounds and trying not to fall off the surfboard and and the guys on the team giving him shit for that.

I thought it was hilarious! I didn't think he looked stone-faced or burly at all. I thought he looked like he was concentrating on the surfing. lol

I haven't seen the making off!

I love how the luggage cart guys broke the wall, haha.

Staal brothers should always be clothed. Preferably in six layers. Preferably with their faces covered too. And I'm pretty sure I said "SIDNEEEEY!!!" out loud when he got suggestive about their pillow fights. :(!

Ahahaha, I love how goonish Marty's been lately! But friction with the baby rookies . . . he should probably try to restrain himself, yes. :P

It was pretty funny, Vlasic had just stopped him 1-on-1 and Marty got all annoyed and started messing with him. Oh man, what would that fight have been like?



YAY I was wating for a better version of this to pop-up on you-tube! *YAY* SO FUCKING SEXY!

and the reason jordan shirt was off was becuase eric jersyed him! *GIGGLES*

Yeah, I decided to upload it because the only version I could find on YouTube was someone filming their television. Eww.

yes i know! *cuddles* I love my mae

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