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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Equipment guy is the coffee connectionCollapse )

I love how the Sharks equipment guy is a dealer and his supplier is the Red Wings equipment guy. So shady.

bkm5191's anonymous secrets thingie is really cool. I love the one where someone faked a person's life. That is just so fascinating to me. I don't mean in either a positive or negative way, really, because it doesn't sound like she did the standard OMG she died in a car accident!!! (yeah you know who I'm talking about) thing, which is awful because you are causing real grief to people, and I think that's just mean.

There's one person on my friends list who I'm absolutely convinced is a completely phony person. Or at least 90% a phony. But really, what's the harm? Her phoniness is really fun and crazy, and she doesn't try to lure people to her base of evil where she chops them up into little pieces, so we just all get to enjoy this phony person, kind of like reading a book or watching a movie.

All the honesty is very interesting to me. With online people, I'm only honest with people who I think it would actually have some kind of positive effect on. I don't bother with stupid and irredeemable people. Or well, I actually have no issue with stupid people, just stupid people who think they're smart. It's kind of ironic, they think they're smart because they're too stupid to realise that they aren't smart. :P So if I ever say anything negative to you, it means I like you, otherwise I couldn't be bothered, haha.

And I am never ever going to lie that I like a fic when I don't. I think it's such a shame that everyone is caught up in this... obligation to say something nice about someone else's fic because they're your friend, or because you want them to say something nice about your own fic. And it's also a shame that people take criticisms of their fics to be criticisms of them, like someone just told them they have a defect or something. Which I suppose is the root cause of all the lying. Of course everyone is hurt by feedback pointing out something the person didn't like, but that's a distinct thing from feeling personally attacked, which it almost never is.

Also, "Jordan Staal has AIDS and dies" is one of my favourite sentences ever. I'm going to add it to my interests.

[Edit: Fuckers. Interests have a word limit of 4. I could do "Jordan Staal has AIDS" but that isn't as good. :(]

[Edit 2: Going with crankygeek's suggestion of hyphenating it. Success!]

I love the one where someone faked a person's life. That is just so fascinating to me.

The queen of all fakery was in the Harry Potter fandom. So much that there was a ten part saga/book posted in a wank community. It'll suck up a good portion of your life, but this is where it starts:

It really is worth the read, especially if you've ever heard of Cassie Claire. :)

I heard about that!!! I started reading it a little bit, but it was very long and there was a ton of context that I wasn't familiar with, not being in the fandom.

It kind of amazes me how seriously writers and their fans alike take all of this stuff. It's like, umm, you're writing fan fiction. It's not going to cure cancer. :P

I did read it, because at the time, I had very little life. Even less than I do now! God it was hilarious. And ya know something? None of them are very good writers to begin with! Oi!

Did I ever tell you that me and my sister call it Tim Ho's?

Oh man. I can't believe we had like the same reaction to dev saying she had a fake life. Maybe i should make sure you comment on something before I bother repeating you.

Where is the "Jordan Staal has AIDS and dies" sentence? Or was that the summary of the fic?

I think so! I wonder if that's caught on in Canada...


Oh, yeah, it's just the summary. I think it distills the putrid essence of the fic!

(Deleted comment)
Oh, that's really funny. Better to have a few people you really respect like your fic than the unwashed masses.