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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Equipment guy is the coffee connection

SAN JOSE -- The San Jose Sharks' dressing room might become a good site for a Tim Hortons commercial.

Signs were strategically placed throughout the dressing room area this weekend stating: "I have found a source for Tim Hortons coffee - $85 per case, plus shipping."

Equipment manager Mike Aldrich is behind the signs.

"We will probably have half the team order some," said Aldrich.

With 13 Canadians on the current roster, he might not be that far off.

The real source of the boxes of Tim Hortons coffee is Detroit equipment manager Paul Boyer.

The Red Wings, Blue Jackets and Capitals already import the wildly popular Canadian coffee for their dressing rooms.

I love how the Sharks equipment guy is a dealer and his supplier is the Red Wings equipment guy. So shady.

bkm5191's anonymous secrets thingie is really cool. I love the one where someone faked a person's life. That is just so fascinating to me. I don't mean in either a positive or negative way, really, because it doesn't sound like she did the standard OMG she died in a car accident!!! (yeah you know who I'm talking about) thing, which is awful because you are causing real grief to people, and I think that's just mean.

There's one person on my friends list who I'm absolutely convinced is a completely phony person. Or at least 90% a phony. But really, what's the harm? Her phoniness is really fun and crazy, and she doesn't try to lure people to her base of evil where she chops them up into little pieces, so we just all get to enjoy this phony person, kind of like reading a book or watching a movie.

All the honesty is very interesting to me. With online people, I'm only honest with people who I think it would actually have some kind of positive effect on. I don't bother with stupid and irredeemable people. Or well, I actually have no issue with stupid people, just stupid people who think they're smart. It's kind of ironic, they think they're smart because they're too stupid to realise that they aren't smart. :P So if I ever say anything negative to you, it means I like you, otherwise I couldn't be bothered, haha.

And I am never ever going to lie that I like a fic when I don't. I think it's such a shame that everyone is caught up in this... obligation to say something nice about someone else's fic because they're your friend, or because you want them to say something nice about your own fic. And it's also a shame that people take criticisms of their fics to be criticisms of them, like someone just told them they have a defect or something. Which I suppose is the root cause of all the lying. Of course everyone is hurt by feedback pointing out something the person didn't like, but that's a distinct thing from feeling personally attacked, which it almost never is.

Also, "Jordan Staal has AIDS and dies" is one of my favourite sentences ever. I'm going to add it to my interests.

[Edit: Fuckers. Interests have a word limit of 4. I could do "Jordan Staal has AIDS" but that isn't as good. :(]

[Edit 2: Going with crankygeek's suggestion of hyphenating it. Success!]

I am so amused by making it all up! *g* ive done that on a plane before though lol.

the word limit sucks you could do jordanstall hasAIDS anddies though :D

It just really fascinates me! Haha, you have? You should make up a different personality for every flight.

I went with Cindy's suggestion, hehe.

OH! I met someone online who faked basically her whole life. Problem is, she wasn't all that smart about it.

I think it's hilarious when they're not smart about it, though! It makes me even more intrigued as to... every aspect of the whole scheme! What's the motivation? The backstory? *sigh* I will never know...

You CAN, however, say jordan-staal-has-aids-and-dies.

Just sayin'. ;)

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)

I'm real! I am!

Have you tried squishing together "Jordan Staal has AIDS and dies" ?

I went with crankygeek's suggestion of hyphenating. My best interest ever.

I love how the Sharks equipment guy is a dealer and his supplier is the Red Wings equipment guy. So shady.

How many Timbits can fit in a dime bag? lol

Ahahaha! The first one is free...

man that secrets meme was awesome.

I liked Tim's because you could go and get a coffee with milk and not have to have a fucking latte.

I find it very weird that Americans drink coffee and tea black.

I played in a tournament in BC with a guy who worked for a low minor league team in Louisiana, and he had to buy a bunch of Tim's coffee to take back to the coaches and players. He called one of the coaches to ask which kind or what size cans or something, and you could hear the guy getting excited on the other end of the phone. Pretty funny.

Ahaha, that's awesome. Those poor deprived souls.

Aw, now I secretly hope you will insult me some day. :P

Best interest ever, btw.

Well, you know, there's the other scenario where there's nothing bad to say.

I am very in love with it right now. :)

You know I'm real. And so is my dog. =) I should try faking stuff though, then maybe my LJ would be interesting. ;)

Hee, I do! What I think is especially crazy is when someone who is role-playing online creates a fake persona for the mun as well!

My question is, why would the Wings have to import it when we HAVE Tim's here?

Apparently they have it in Columbus as well. Maybe the writer got confused and thought that they were dealers rather than suppliers.


Dude... I don't think anyone beats Psycho Avs chick. No one.

Does psycho avs chick even post anymore? I friended her journal and everything to read the psychoness and the posts disappeared. *le pout*

For some reason, I naively believe everything that people write in their journals, which kind of sucks, because that means I am not as perceptive and a good judge of people as I like to think I am. But to be honest, I think I've only encountered one person in years on LJ who I am convinced was a fake, so I guess that's a pretty good ratio.

also I read everyone's fics, but I never know if I should comment or not (postively or negatively) because I don't write them myself, so I don't know if I have the "right" to say anything one way or another, you know?

Well, that's not a bad policy. Most of the people in LJ aren't going to show up or impact your life in a tangible sense. I think to really get a sense of a person you have to meet them face to face anyway. :)

I know that all writers love positive feedback from anyone, even if it's just "I liked this." Then it adds to the number of comments they got and they feel good!

I think most writers don't want to receive negative feedback though, even if they claim they do. They kind of just say they would appreciate constructive criticism because it makes them sound like a good writer, but if you actually tried to make a suggestion they would get angry/hurt/defensive. :P

Ironically, most of the writers I know who would take constructive criticism well, I don't have any for them because there's nothing wrong with their fics.

Oh lord. It makes me want to write cheesy drug dealing type fic where Paul Boyer would slide out a small packet of coffee beans and go "premium roast, half a kilo, what do you think it's worth?"

-- love how the Sharks equipment guy is a dealer and his supplier is the Red Wings equipment guy. So shady.-- Hee that could be like the beginning of a hilarious satire fic! *pokes* I hear a lot about Tim Horton's but I've never tried it...or seen it to tell ya the truth. Is it really that good? Or is an addictive chemical in it or something, like with KFC, makes one crave it nightly?

I'm constantly finding myself wanting to be honest with people, especially online, I see them posting these like desperate rants and please and woes and I keep thinking to myself "well if they would just... then that would fix everything" but I know they won't and will never do it so I don't tell them, and then I start resenting them. I hate that, bah!

I have never seen or tried this mythical Tim Hortons either! Their commercials sure make everything look yummy, though.

You know, I think everything in Starbucks has some addictive substance. I've been obsessed with their green tea latte, peppermint hot chocolate and cupcakes at different times.

For the most part, people are responsible for their own misery. But most people don't want to be accountable so they prefer to just blame everyone and everything around them for the state they're in instead.