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Patty Marleau is clutch, and clutch is everything in life.

The TP/Campbell clip made it to #3 top favourite for sports, haha.

Did you know that Radek Dvorak is sekritly a Banana Republic model?


From Clutch defined: Drury, Heatley, Gionta, Marleau:
Marleau will do anything to win – set up plays, score timely goals, win critical faceoffs and make big hits. The talented center has matured into the type of leader that his skill and ability destined him to become when he was named the Sharks’ first choice (2nd overall) in the 1997 Entry Draft. His prodigious power and soft hands make him one of the most dangerous players in the league and Marleau steps up when the Sharks need him the most – in the clutch. San Jose’s leading scorer has already surpassed his total game-winning goal output (nine) of the entire 2005-06 season (four).

“He is very strong in the clutch,” says San Jose GM Doug Wilson. “People don’t realize that the last (three) years Patty had (much) better playoff numbers than Vincent Lecavalier (Marleau – 23 goals and 37 points in 40 games; Lecavalier – 13 goals and 26 points in 39 games). We look at our people performing the best when it matters the most and I truly believe that Patty should be considered one of the best in the league. He is in that top level now and I honestly think that he’s going to get to another level.”

I lurve Jim Hughson. I think he should be cloned and installed as every team's pbp guy. Well, he should replace the annoying ones, anyway. He can make games exciting without fucking screaming his head off inappropriately (like the Buffalo guy, the Coyotes guy and Emrick). I tolerate screaming (Randy does quite a bit of it) but only when it fits the play. It's not appropriate to scream when a guy shuffles a slow shot to a goalie, or like, makes it past the blueline.

He also (as far as I can tell) pronounces names correctly. It should be mandatory for guys to spend like a minute with the announcers of the other team and go through all the players' names once. There's usually only like 5 guys on a team who have questionable names, and you really only need to hear them correctly once to remember. Or you should if this is your line of work. It's irksome to go through a whole game listening to Horcroff, Schmidt (somewhat forgiveable), Stahl instead of Stole, and Poulioh. Randy is guilty of this kind of thing, and often confused Brad and Andy Ference. Also, some people are not aware that Vishnevski and Visnovsky are different people.

If the team that loses in a shootout gets #1 and #2 star, something is wrong. If someone on your team closes his hand on the puck in the last minute of the period and you scold the ref for calling the penalty instead of the guy for closing his hand on the puck, something is wrong.

I hate that stupid person who keeps posting that Emrick is the best announcer in the NHL. Making entire posts with some quote that's supposed to illustrate how witty and awesome he is when it's just lame, just like Emrick.

I think Marty McSorley has made me bitter. :(
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