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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Petr's scoring chance

I remembered that the reason I started using YouTube in the first place is that I encode with XviD and most people don't have that codec. >.<

Anyway, here's Petr's in-game adjustment:

Also, did anyone happen to see Andy McDonald wrestling turkeys tonight? :P

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Tonight? That bit has been going on for a while now. I would've told you, but I refuse to comment about said team. Well. At least without curse words.

I want to marry him! He seems so boring and good-natured.

it's obviously something like a secret batsignal to pass him the puck. XP

No doubt! Oh no, you've figured out their code!

That is one of the best things I've ever seen. In slow-motion and everything! I <3 you! :D

He gets a really good heft in there!

He really does like himself... :D

He's just a guy who's in touch with himself.

God someone get him a form fitting cup.

Will they have to measure him to do it?

Suddenly I want to see Sykie as the Lucky Charms mascot guy.

I don't really understand what that means!

"They're always after me' Lucky Charms!"

Ahh, no commercials where I grew up. :P

Yeah, that seriously goes beyond anything that can be healthy.

I thought it was bad enough he did it while skating off the ice on a line change.

It's not wrong that Petr's in-game crotch adjustments bring me so much joy, right? Because if that's wrong, quite honestly, I definitely never want to be right. :(

Oh, Petr.

Also, did anyone happen to see Andy McDonald wrestling turkeys tonight? :P
What? NO! Like, seriously? Tackling gobble-gobble turkeys? Because that's really, really awesome.

Dude, my heart got all melty when I saw him do it in pre-game warmup. :P


Oh. Wow. WOW.

Andy McDonald just made my cold heart expand three sizes in his weirdness. I think there is this weird ploy to make me try and like the Ducks. First it was the freaking Neidermeyers (sp? I can't spell anything that's longer than, like, five letters). Then came Ryan Getzlaf's genuine weirdness. And now, Andy McDonald. DAMN YOU, DUCKS. DAMN YOU. This is probably the fault of Petr and his crotch-grabbing ways. Or, you know. Disney and Emilio Estavez. :(

I like when he starts talking to the plastic turkey that he's demonstrating his kung fu grip on.

Don't forget the packin' goalie!

What gets me is, what was the conversation like when they were brainstorming segment ideas?

A: Heh heh, so that Andy McDonald's first job was vaccinating turkeys.
B: Hahaha!
A: Hahaha!
B: We should get a couple of turkeys and make Andy wrestle them.
A: Brilliant!
B: Brilliant!
~ A & B down some Guiness ~

I'm sure there was a *lot* more beer involved beforehand.

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