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A first!

Last night was a very exciting night of hockey for me. As you know, I have been an avid watcher of Petr Sykora's crotch for a few years now. It's like being a birdwatcher, only not really (except that Sykora means titmouse in Czech so it's kind of like birdwatching).

I witnessed something never before captured on camera (that I kinow of, anyway) and that is Petr adjusting himself during a play. In fact, he did it just before getting a great scoring chance (that was subsequently stopped by Harding, making Petr look very sad and slumpy and causing the announcer to remark minutes later that he "looked like someone stole his puppy".)

An in-game adjustment was reported to me by joolzie at a live game, but it was when coming off the ice so it wasn't quite as exciting as this one...

I made a little .avi I can e-mail to anyone who wants to see, haha. The .avi is little, not uhh, you know. *coughs*

Man, the only thing better than this would be Petr busting out on a breakaway with one hand on his stick and one hand on his "stick".
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