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I think we should have sex

"The groin and the pubic bone are all the same, it's all connected," Tjarnqvist said.

By golly, best groin status I've seen in a long time!

Sharks actually won in a shootout last night! I was too stunned to even be happy, then I read that the Caps shootout success rate is just about as bad as ours. :P I haven't watched the full game, yet, but it sounds like the team played pretty well. Great to have Pavelski and Bernie back. :)

When I read the following start to an article:
There are moments in these troubled times when Edmonton Oilers head coach Craig MacTavish just can't help himself.

He'll find himself stealing a glimpse at gritty veteran Ethan Moreau on the practice ice or checking up on the invaluable Jarret Stoll.

I was like, whoa, way to slash him with his players there. Then I read on, and realised he was the one who slashed himself:
"When you're having success, you don't look as longingly at the guys who are injured."

Friday Night Lights was spectacularly good last night. That expression Julie's mom had when she was talking to her about sex and said "don't smirk at me" was like, wow, all the emotions were there, her concern, her love, her frustration. Argh. And then that started me thinking about my own experiences and kind of a holy shit, I was that age when that happened? thing.
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