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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Martian Love

New YouTube account

*squeaks* Marian won an Atlanta Sports Award for Professional Athlete of the Year!

I got lazy and didn't research YouTube alternatives so I just made a new account: streakypro. Where "streaky pro" is an anagram for Petr Sykora, teehee! Nothing there right now but I have a clip of Marian being incredibly dorky and uncool at an aquarium with kids that I'll add when I get home. :P

If you have any individual videos you would like me to upload again, comment. And I meant to ask this a while ago, but kept forgetting, who are your favourite players? I was thinking of asking for the purpose of uploading clips for people, but it's also generally interesting.

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Kicking Bird pls. ;) Also, some of the Shark Byte quick quizzes?

Thank you!

Ah, yes. :) I'll upload the older quick quizzes. The newer Shark Bytes are here.

Definitely the SharkBytes must be there....so much goodness in such a short time. ;)

I am generally interesting.



And, clearly, Ales and Petrs.

The Boyd interview, please?

I feel weird naming Fischer as my favorite player, so I guess I'm saying Boyd and Vinny and Kronwall. I actually just read an awesome Kronwall article that reminded me soooo much of the fic you wrote and I felt all warm and fuzzy.

Ahh... was it something about his dad?

The focus was more on his mom and how important she was to him, but there was a lot about his dad and it was all very sweet.

I can't remember now because they took your vids out of my favourites. :( Um, the Pisani one, because no one else has it, I don't think. The Prucha interview, please, where he scores two goals. I saved the York interview. :P

*squees to for Marian winning the award*

Good account name=)

Well that could be a long list of players, a couple are obviously Marian, Havlat, Kovy, Paul Gaustad, Maxim to name a few.

Ahh, I totally can't remember the other players name right now, but the video of him and Petr's goal celebrations and their "concerned" teammates. Too funny.

And if that makes little sense, I blame it being late and being half asleep!

You should upload Johan again. I was very sad when it got wiped :(

I think you know who my favourite player is. I'm kidnapping him today, I can send you some Marian love. You can have him on weekends maybe.

I'm glad you are back. *cheers*

All of your clips rock. *nod* But others have said, the sharks clips would be lovely (and thank you for posting the links) oooh, and Patty Marleau on after hours.....

I can't recall if it was you (and I'm thinking it was) that had a clip from the Oilers about training - it was pretty lengthy... but that would be nifty.

Hooray, a new account!

For general interest (because I doubt you have video!), I'll always love Saku Koivu best of all. My list of other beloved players is pretty shamefully long, however. Spezza, Linden, Havlat, Marleau, Naslund, Sakic, Ryan Smyth (but I can usually only express that on national teams), Vermette, Hossa (uh, Marian, of course). Luongo, Bertuzzi (sigh), Emery, Modano, Lecavalier, Joe Thornton . . . err. I could keep going. I think I'm just easy. :/

I meant to ask you this before.. do you happen to have the game where they announced Shawn's son? Because i have the intermission interview, but I want the beginning because i'm still trying to figure out what his full name is(the intermission said Will, but i swear I heard Weldon in the beginning of the game) and it bugs me that I dont know for sure lol

How recent was it? I don't remember hearing anything about that. Googling for it reveals some puckbunny page with people saying it's "Will" though. :P

lol it was right after the All-star break so whatever the first game back was. I know he was born on the 23 of janurary. But yeah, i know Will for sure but i'm wondering if it's Weldon and they call him Will and stuff. You know me! I obsess about these things! hahaha

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