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From Special teams need to be special:
"We have to turn it around right now. We have to make something happen in games," Petr Sykora said. "We have to make plays, we have to skate, kill penalities, and have a good power play. We have to put that complete game together."

Sykora, a regular on the power play, was one of the more animated students on the Terriers' turf. He celebrated the plays that went right with as much animation as he displayed when things went wrong. He wasn't alone.


"Sometimes, you just have to let it out. This was a good time to get rid of that frustration," Sykora said.


Sykora pointed to the importance of getting some power-play production, and said the Boston game proved that it didn't have to be pretty.

"We're getting chances on the power play, it's just not going in," he said. "That's the way this team is going right now. I thought (Boston's) power play looked awful, yet they scored two goals. This is the way it is right now. But we're going to need some power-play goals against Buffalo."

From Power shortage:
"They are the best team in the league and we have to bring some offence," said Oilers forward Petr Sykora. "But I thought we were moving the puck pretty good in our last game. I think it's just a matter of time before the puck goes in."


"They're skating very well, they're great at home and we're going to have to skate as well as they do," Sykora said. "It's a huge challenge for us and there's no time. We have to start winning huge hockey games and this is a huge hockey game."


"I think it's going to be the biggest challenge all year," Sykora said. "They have a lot of good skaters. I think when you play a team like that, you have to play smart, keep them on the outside because with the new rules you have to really let them skate. You have to be in position to make them go through traffic all the time, that's the key to the game."

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