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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Ooh, dat wascally Ovechkin!

I am madly in love with Girls Out Loud. Wendy and Rosalynn are fucking hilarious, and probably underappreciated in Singapore, ironically enough.

One of the episodes is all about being Singaporean, about the lingo, the food, the senseless and hilarious need to keep up with everyone else. They accost these poor tourists and try to get them to guess what various expressions mean (do you know "vomit blood"? Ivy and Anna probably do, hehe "ngau huet" or "tu xue"). Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

It was kind of a surprise to me that Singaporeans have problems reading the word "coupon". It's not like it's a word we don't use, we say it all the time, as in "parking coupon" or whatever. I guess people are just unfamiliar with reading it? *scratches head* As for the "UDD", yes, people peeing in elevators is a real problem. And this isn't like... public buildings. This is residential buildings. How would you like that? Come home and take an elevator that someone peed in up to your apartment.

Watching the show, I kept thinking, okay Rosalynn has got to be a convent girl and... she is!!! She went to St. Anthony's Convent (famous in my day for churning out lesbians, not sure if that's still true). In Singapore, your identity is greatly defined by which secondary school (roughly 7th to 10th grade) you went to. Doesn't matter if you go to junior college and university after that, secondary school is the most important. Inspired, I went to check up on what my secondary school has been up to, and apparently last year the newspaper published an article claiming that convent girls (there are several affiliated convent schools) are "easy". It's nice to know that some things haven't changed! :P

I'm reminded of some not so great things, though. Wendy, the short one, thinks she's fat ("plump") and... there's probably a significant number of people who agree. This is why I privately think I'm fat, because I'm fat for Singapore (but not here). I mean, I was kind of fat about ten pounds ago while I was there.

And OMG, people like Miss Izzy used to drive me insane when I was in Singapore. You have a bunch of these people who were born and raised in Singapore, who fake these accents (British? Australian? American? Doesn't sound like anything!) because they want to sound all like... I dunno, different and special or whatever and it's so fucking pretentious. Then again, Miss Izzy is fucking pretentious so I suppose it suits her.

I suppose that's why I have my Singaporean accent and my NorCal accent and the two are separate. I'm not going to pollute my Singaporean accent and sound like them. (On the same topic, just about the most hilarious thing in the world is an Iowa Asian-Indian accent.) At the same time, if I use my Singaporean accent here, nobody's going to understand what the fuck I'm saying. :P

Has everyone seen the Road Trip NHL commercial yet? It is so fucking awesome. The star of the show is Crosby, he is absolutely perfect in it, but every single person is fantastic. I think the Sedin twins one is still better, but this one just makes me like... glow with hockey love or something, haha. I've been watching it non-stop since joolzie linked me. (The version on nhl.com is missing Heatley et al. Maybe they looked at it and were like... hmm, too ugly. Cut that one out!)

[Edit: Do you have a problem with loose, floppy labia?]

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floppy labia!

I hate to segue from that to dany cause ew but haha thats so ahy!

They're in the same category.

Ahaha, I should add a link to that!


/all caps

you so should

*giggle* I added it. Oh man, that surgeon is hilarious.

Dude, the show is indeed awesome. And I do know what vomit blood means! Or alternately, spitting blood, which sounds slightly less...gross?

I go shopping in Taiwan and I get laughed at. Well, not to my face, but I can see it lurking beneath the sales people's polite smiles. There are simply not sizes for people like me.

Hmm, you know I find that when I speak Mandarin I am usually very proper with my pronunciation, but for some reason with other Taiwanese people I adopt the Taiwanese accent. The best part is it sounds like I've always talked that way.

Mandarin is always more polite than Cantonese, which is more polite than Hokkien, which is more or less the most vulgar language in existence. :P

Yeah, it is pretty much impossible for most white people to find clothes that fit in Singapore.

You know, I don't know why in Singapore we don't follow the Beijing accent, because nobody speaks Mandarin as a native language anyway. Like for "xi" we say it as "see" and everywhere else it's "shee".


that comercial is just TOO MUCH! *dies*

I know I love the road trip commerical. And that Alex puts one over on Sid!!HaHa And Joe eating off the cart!!

Crosby's expression is just perfect! "Ooh, I'll get that wascally wabbit!!!" And Joe looked very guilty, hehe.

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