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Girls out loud!

A while ago I linked to this Singaporean girl's blog with a rant about cilantro (which she calls parsley, shh, it's Chinese parsley or something, I think) and I was following it for a while, but then she hooked up with some mousy American bf and didn't update as much so I stopped. Anyway, I peeked today and she's got a TV show now! Which is on YouTube!

Girls Out Loud

The blogger girl is Wendy, and she talks with a Singaporean accent if you're curious to hear. That's how I sound like when I'm talking to other Singaporeans, haha. The other girl Rosalynn doesn't really have a normal Singaporean accent, but I think that's because she's a radio DJ.

In this part the girls go to have their pictures taken by a fashion photographer, which involves having milk poured on them and a dead squid draped over their back, haha.
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