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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Girls out loud!

A while ago I linked to this Singaporean girl's blog with a rant about cilantro (which she calls parsley, shh, it's Chinese parsley or something, I think) and I was following it for a while, but then she hooked up with some mousy American bf and didn't update as much so I stopped. Anyway, I peeked today and she's got a TV show now! Which is on YouTube!

Girls Out Loud

The blogger girl is Wendy, and she talks with a Singaporean accent if you're curious to hear. That's how I sound like when I'm talking to other Singaporeans, haha. The other girl Rosalynn doesn't really have a normal Singaporean accent, but I think that's because she's a radio DJ.

In this part the girls go to have their pictures taken by a fashion photographer, which involves having milk poured on them and a dead squid draped over their back, haha.

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I am oddly entranced!

and dude that cilantro thing, ive so read that

You know, the thing is, I thought the photographer was intentionally trying to subject them to unpleasant things (which he might have been) but the pictures actually turned out pretty good!


and dude its funny how being arond other people who talk like you used to makes you talk differntly huh?

Haha, yes! Especially if it sounds very different.

and it happens so easy! *g* I work like ten minutes with raylene at work and I have an accent again

I'm oddly entranced too. But then again, I've always had a thing for accents and pretty girls.

Wendy is very Singaporean, except with a sense of humour!

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