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Poor Marian

Well, the last thing I expected to be doing last night was standing in an auditorium full of people chanting "cunt" together with them.

My roommate's sister directed a production of The Vagina Monologues at UC Berkeley. I'd never watched it before and only vaguely knew what it was about, but I really enjoyed it. Everyone gave a great performance and it was all staged very well. It got me to thinking about being a woman. I like being a woman, always have. I have three older sisters, and I went to an all-girls school until i was 16. Being female just was.

I was really shocked by the stories of all those people who were like, oh, I've never seen my vagina. How can you not ever have looked at your own vagina??? Aren't you curious what's down there? Don't you want to look at it to clean it properly? And people who are like... uhh, I don't like it, it's ugly. Who cares? It's a happy, happy place! That should trump all perceived ugliness.

Next on the shocked list is how could you never have an orgasm???

So speaking of women, well, women's names, I love this story about Marian. :D

I hurt Marian Hossa's feelings

So I went to the Canucks-Thrashers game tonight, and I decided that I should bring a humorous sign. I settled on "Marian is a girl's name", stenciled it onto a big piece of posterboard, colored it in with magic marker, and it was all ready to go. I brought it into the game (but not before the security guards saw it and burst out laughing) and went as close to the ice as I could get, which in this case was right up against the glass. It was the pregame skate, and the Thrashers were whizzing by. I held the sign up, hoping to get noticed. A couple fans took pictures of it, and gave me the thumbs-up. Then Bobby Holik saw it, and grinned. At least, I think it was a grin, it's hard to tell with Holik. Next came Jon Sim. He cracked a big smile. Skating over to Marian himself, who at the time was laughing it up with Kovalchuk and Kozlov, he tapped his shoulder with his stick and gestured towards me. Marian turned to look. His smile faded instantly, and changed to what could best be described as "the look a puppy gets when it makes a mess on the floor and is being scolded for it." Amid stifled giggles from his other team-mates, Marian slowly skated off the ice and into the dressing room. And I felt like I had grown as a man that night. At least my name wasn't "Marian."

Ahahahahahaha, oh man, this makes me love him even more.

I think Ehrhoff needs to be beaten with a stick until he remembers to be awesome most, if not all, of the time. He is the big offensive guy among the defensemen and he needs to play like it. It would probably be inspirational for Matt Carle too. Vlasic has the instincts, but not the big ass shot.
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