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Baby Czech lurve

Baby Czech lurve! Smid picked up Plihal (our baby Czech playing in his vewwy first NHL game) from the airport. They're from the same hometown. :)

There was a nice article on Newfie Ryane Clowe in the Edmonton Journal. I like how the attitude of other Canadians to Newfies seems to be like, aww, what a cute people! How quaint! Where's my camera? Err, not necessarily in this article, but from what I've heard from various analysts and stuff.

Clowe evolves into a Shark
Playing on team's No. 1 line, son of Newfoundland fisherman has 15 points in last nine games

Jim Matheson
The Edmonton Journal

Saturday, January 27, 2007

EDMONTON - Who's the NHL's hottest player in the last nine games? It's not Sid the Kid.

How about Ryane Clowe?

Who? Ryane Clowe, the third native of Newfoundland to play in the NHL, the lad who played for Rimouski in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League prior to Sidney Crosby's days with the team.

The same Clowe who's tougher than a mackerel on his dad's fishing boat, but somehow has racked up 15 points in his last nine starts, including nine goals.

He had three assists in the San Jose Sharks' 5-1 pasting of the Oilers on Friday, which gives him a point-and-a-half-per-game average over that stretch.

That's Sid the Kid territory, folks.

How did this 24-year-old who makes $1.625 million US (for three years), this sixth-round draft pick in 2001 who had no goals and only two points in 18 NHL games last season, find himself on the right-wing with reigning MVP Jumbo Joe Thornton and talented Sharks captain Patrick Marleau?

Good question.

People are finally learning how to correctly spell his first name. Until the last 10 games, not a lot of scribes were typing "Ryane" on their laptops during games.

Clowe was a fourth-liner, a hard-nosed scrapper who was going up and down to the minors last season and missed a chunk of games this season with a bad groin -- until the last three weeks.

Now this kid from Fermeuse, about 90 minutes from St. John's, the third kid from the Rock who made it to the bigs, along with Michael Ryder and Daniel Cleary, has been discovered.

"Clowie isn't a great skater, in terms of speed, but he's powerful and has nice hands," said Sharks coach Ron Wilson.

"He has got a really heavy stick and, with Patty (Marleau) on the line now (rather than centring for Milan Michalek and Steve Bernier, who's out with a broken toe after being sent to the minors) that adds some speed with Joe. He (Clowe) fully understands what he's got to do when he gets the puck -- that's get the puck behind the net to Joe."

"It's just a pleasure to play with Joe and Patty, two players of that calibre. I'm just trying to work the corners and get them the puck and they just tell me to keep my stick on the ice," shrugged Clowe, who had a hat trick against the Columbus Blue Jackets Jan. 6 -- his first in the NHL, after getting two goals against the Detroit Red Wings. He didn't score against Dwayne Roloson on Friday, but he had three helpers in 171/2 minutes of work.

"Those two guys are easy to play with ... you just have to read the play and find the open ice with Joe and Patty, but he's (Clowe) a smart player and he's big and he's physical," said Sharks winger Mike Grier.

Clowe is a very good scrapper and did his fair share of riding shotgun in junior and the AHL, but now he's a sniper. It's as if he won the lottery -- there's no Minor Hockey Week in Fermeuse.

"It was a 50-minute drive to the nearest arena when I was growing up, but I'd be out there all day on the ponds once they froze," said Clowe.

Clowe's ticket to the NHL was punched with his hard hands more than his soft ones, but he did put up some numbers in junior. In Rimouski, he played as a 20-year-old overage junior, the year after Rimouski won the Cup.

He then auditioned in the minors for a few years, like many of the Sharks (Patrick Rissmiller, Marcel Goc, Mark Smith, Doug Murray).

Now, the son of a Newfoundland fisherman has hooked on with the two largest fish in Thornton and Marleau. And if he hadn't landed on San Jose's

No. 1 line with Joe and Patrick to show off his hands, then what?

"If I wasn't in the NHL, I'd be working on my dad's fishing boat," said Clowe.

Instead, Clowe is doing what the Sharks hoped Mark Bell would do when they traded for the ex-Chicago Blackhawks winger last summer.

He has become a Shark around the net.

I like "third kid from the rock". There may be iconnage!

Just when I thought Supernatural had shed a pointless, burdensome storyline (don't let the door hit your ass on the way out, daddy!) they introduce a new one to replace it. It's like they thought, man that last thing made the show suck so much let's do it again!

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