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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Stupid YouTube, stupid MLB

My YouTube account has been suspended because of the 3 baseball clips I had up. Apparently they have a "three strikes" policy. It would be good if they stated it was three strikes instead of using vague language in their warning emails.

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I'll see your bleh!!!! and raise you an argh!!!!

I don't understand. They suspended you because of baseball?

Copyright infringement. I mean, all of the clips I have up there are copyright infringement, but it's pretty much okay unless the copyright holder complains, which the MLB did. Bah!

You don't lose all your stuff do you? Eep!

They removed access to all the videos!



I thought you said your computer was brokened.

That is incredibly annoying of them. I really like how fans who post their own footage of games get their accounts suspended. That makes even less sense to me. What next, will I get my Photobucket suspended for posting the pictures I took at the Fanfest? Jeeze. THIS IS ALL BUD SELIG'S FAULT.

Like YouTube would be popular without copyright infringing clips. :P

I knooooow, people need to see the hockey pr0n.


I don't like the internet anymore.

Petr crotch grabs, lost to the world!

suspended like a time out or suspended as in "be gone!"

Bastards either way.

"Permanently disabled." Harrumph.

does suspended mean gone? Don't you get like a warning to take stuff down?

Yeah, "permanently disabled", although it looks like they haven't physically removed the video clips from their storage. I got a warning a couple of times before, but it was all phrased in very vague language, like, you "could" have your account suspended, without stating next time it happens that's it. In fact the notice that they sent me still talked about the account possibly being suspended, when it fact, it had.

BAH! That sucks! I have a bunch of your stuff favourited and now the linkies are no longer there. :(

MLB = stupid. YouTube = stupider.

Apparently there's a ton of YouTube alternatives out there, so I'll look into it on the weekend maybe.

Yeah, that's the thing. It's not me who suffers from having my account disabled cos' I have all the clips, it's all the other people who want to watch, who aren't negatively impacting the revenues of MLB or anything. Bah.


Where will I get my Petr adjusting himself fix now?

*kicks MLB*

Petr's crotch, the victim of YouTube's cruel policies. :(

Did you email them and bitch about the vagueness of their warnings? Cause yo, that's dumb. Especially the warning about it "might" be taken down when it had already been disabled! Bah! :(

I think they've received complaints from people with far more legitimate cases and haven't done anything about it. I get the impression that they don't have the most competent people working over there.

Stupid YouTube. Fuck euphemisms! If they've got three strikes, they should TELL you.


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