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Martian love!

Martian happy together at the ASG makes my heart swell. Marian was signing autographs, and Marty walked by, and Marian looked up and said something to him and smiled. :) Under the cut, there was supposed to be happy Martian fic, but then suddenly, there wasn't.

Title: Paper Bridges
Author: Mae
Rating: PG-13, slash
Pairing: Marian Hossa, Martin Havlat
Dedication: joolzie turned me into her writing zombie slave.
Disclaimer: It's all lies!
Author's Notes: This is set at the 2007 All-Star Game in Dallas. Marian's POV.

It's a little pointless, isn't it? Sneaking into his room. Now, when both of you have your own rooms, and you're free to go in and out as you please, do anything you want inside, and neither of you will get in trouble, but now you're looking both ways down the hotel hallway, dashing across to safety, heart pounding in your ears.

He shuts the door quickly behind you, and you grab him by the shoulders, shoving him roughly against the wall as you kiss him hard, snatching his breath away, eating his words. Your thumbs are digging into his flesh, and his body tenses next to yours; you think he's moving against you, but he's moving to make you stop. He grimaces, and he raises his arm across his chest, his fingers tracing the scar on his shoulder gingerly.

You step away from him, back finding the opposite wall, taking a breather while your mind races on, imagining your hands tugging his pants down, kissing the crease of his thigh. He sees your expression, and he misunderstands.

"It doesn't hurt," he tries to explain. "I just think it does."

You lose your nerve. He shouldn't have spoken because his voice is too real. You walk out and you keep walking, about ten steps too far before you realise you're going the wrong way, and when you turn around, Marty's in the way.

"Don't go," he whispers, his smile a peace offering.

"Why not? You did." Your mind takes over again, a vision of your hands on his chest, pushing him aside so you can storm past him.

"That's not true." He frowns, and you can't tell if he's lying, or if he really believes what he's saying. Or were you the one who lied? Telling yourself he wanted to go, when really, maybe he needed to go.

He stretches his arms out, palms flat against each wall, and you'll have to go through him if you want to get back to your room. His mouth twists into a wicked smile, and his shadow creeps long behind him; it's high noon at midnight in a Texas hotel.

"Why do you come to me, when all you ever do is leave?" Resignation in his voice, and you cup his face in your hands, kissing him aside.

You shiver as you make your way to your room, never looking back, and your mind's already in another place, going to him, and staying forever.
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