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The Invincible M.A.E.

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So I was watching the Patrik Stefan Trail of Tears game last night, and they had a segment on Gator because of uhh... his 500th game as an Oiler or something like that, but the reason why I paid attention, and uploaded the clip to Youtube, is their pants.

You can kind of see how high MacT's pants are in the pic, but you can see that Gator's pants are also of questionable height in the clip.

I love that instead of showing Gator score a goal, they show him on a "breakaway" that lasts about 2 seconds before a Calgary Flame hooks him down and another one trips him, sending him into the net.

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You have the Gator love almost as bad as that hor Robyn. They showed that clip because they were showing clips from his first captain game, you dork.

I like that he's proud of being an even keel person and hopes that he can continue his even keelness in the future. You go, Gator. Strive for the unextraordinary.

I have multiple Gator icons now, which one to use...

Well, I have no idea what was going on, I was mesmerised by the pants. I thought they were like... general highlights or something.

With full playoff beard he looks like what I'd imagine a typical member of the Donner Party looked like.

If only the pants were the worst of his fashion disasters.

Ah, the beards. The beards were so great.

I love how totally half-assed MacT was about that press conference. Our team is arrogant, yet not pretentious. It's an important distinction and very Edmontony.

This is my new favourite Gator icon, because clearly Roli is contemplating how best to kill his useless ass, but for this post I can use no other icon than "captain dorkface". Behold.

It's stunning how most of the time Gator fools people into thinking he looks normal, then things like that happen.

See, frankly, I think Captain Dorkface IS his most normal looking face.

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