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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Petr loves everyone

Err, so I got all fucked up over the holidays, I can't even remember doing what... oh, that's right, way too much Heroes V. Uhh, anyway, so I'm like, 5 games behind whatever the Oilers are playing now. Hence I spazz after a week's delay.

Petr lurves Gator too!

Like at first I was thinking, oh how cute, there he goes, leaping onto Nedved already and they haven't even bonded for that long yet. Then when I watched again, I realised that it was Gator! Hemsky and Nedved make nifty plays to get the puck to Petr to score and he skates excitedly to Gator and leaps on top of him! Gator has this expression like, OMG get off me you crazy Czech and looks around for someone to rescue him.

Read Sidney Crosby's SAS Wiki and pretty much died at the following:
Crosby, being only 18, needed a place to stay in Pittsburgh. Originally he stayed with consummate bachelor, Ryan Malone, but after repeated attempts by Ryan to "get Sidney as drunk as possible and then sleep with him," Sidney sought new arrangements. Luckily, Mario Lemieux's three square mile estate had some extra room. Some saw this coming together of old and young as "creepy," but nobody would dare bring it up because it's Mario fucking Lemieux and we just don't joke about him anymore, OK?

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I love SAwiki, even the Dany once which is mean but utterly hilarious, have you read the Almo one? I can't believe they forgot the quote about him not wearing knickers. And I loved the Robert Svehla one. And the repeated jokes about "and his dream is to play with the toronto maple leafs..."

I just looked at the AlMo one. I be they left out tons of awesome ones!!!

Hee. He needs to play with Smytty. They'd have BIG GAY OILERS EXCITEMENT.

Dude, every goal celebration ever, the guys all hug each other (and this is Edmonton, they all huuuuuug each other liek whoa) and then Gator's arm comes in and taps helmets and then he's gone.

When our babies are up with the club, Kate always hopes they score their first goal when Steeeeve is on the ice. He gets as excited and dorky as the kid. But Gator is soooo uncomfortable when people hug him. When Sarno scored he jumped on Gator and Gator threw him at Steeeeve.

Nedved always looks vaguely similar because they both wear their socks Junior B style, bizatch.

OMG he lurves Ryan Smyth so much!!! He's always throwing himself on him and talking excitedly to him (and being politely ignored) and beaming at him with a big goofy grin.

Ha! At least Gator makes an appearance. Kathleen said Hemsky used to go off and skate in a little circle by himself.

He threw him? Uhh... is this anywhere online?

Well, I assumed it was Nedved because it wasn't Hemsky and Petr generally reserves his exuberance for Czechs. I think Nedved looks like Trevor Linden.

Do you still hate Doug Weight? I have a clip of him and Guerin watching their kids play during the intermission. They look really married.

oh man them watching their kids!! so cute! I don't like either of them :)

I'm pretty indifferent, but it really looked like they were watching their kids (as in kids they had together)!

Aw. Dougie. I mean... fucking Dougie. I like Billeh more now, I guess. Billeh doesn't offend me as much after last year and he's got teh Gator lurve.

Now imagine Kate's brain implode if they ever have Nathan Staios and Trey Moreau on the ice like that... eep.

You mean, now that he isn't a Star? :P

I think just the thought of that would probably make her brain implode.

They do! Any moment Weight was going to put his arm around Guerin, and Guerin would rest his head on his shoulder!

I kept on expecting it. They did lean into each other a lot!

can you imagine if gator and joe sackic combined for a goal? they wouldn't even bump hands, they'd nod from the other side of the rink at each other.

There is absolutely nothing Gator could contribute to a Sakic goal. But yeah. Old timey grunting captains is yay.

This might be the funniest thing there.

"Patick Stefan Trail of Tears..."

*dies laughing *

Sadly, that was probably the highlight of his career.

It is! They updated the NHL rink entry to add the "Patrik Stefan trail of tears", muahahaha!

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