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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Patrick Marleau

Argh, no, can't... AMERICAN FOOTBALL!!!

I woke up this morning way too early, so turned on the TV (to ESPNEWS) because TV helps me fall asleep. Anyway, as I was dreaming, one of the people in my dream started droning on in this annoying London accent, and then I woke up, and actually it was Beckham droning on in an annoying London accent!

It was fascinating to watch, because he seemed to be able to say "soccer" consistently when talking about football without too much angst. But then the moment of weakness came when he started talking about the big sports in the US: baseball, basketball and American football. *chortles* Anyway, I was impressed. I have problems saying "soccer" and I barely paid attention to the sport growing up. I always have to say "football (soccer)". :P

I haven't watched the game yet, but Patty, oh Patty. *cries* I love that he said exactly the same thing about become goals leader as points leader: shows I've been here a while, those are nice things to have.

[Edit: Oh, and before I forget, SDQ and Allie pay attention! Marcel Hossa cannot connect to the internet. :(]

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Heh, I flat out refuse to ever use the 's' word. It's just wrong. People in Canada just had to figure out which one I was talking about. Plus I usually tended to call the other kind that american shit.

Fortunately though, I have never managed to wake up to the sound of David Beckham's voice. Baaaad early in the morning..

It's just very difficult to say for some reason. Like I can handle boot/trunk, torch/flashlight, queue/line, lift/elevator, etc, but just can't do it for football.

AH, see I've never tried to actually say it, it's just never going to happen. And I'm waay to lazy to say elevator, I just stuck with the easier lift. I confused the hell out of one of my friends at work though when I was talking about a queue!

And seriously, I though I was bad at computery/internetty stuff, but confusing a modem and a phone base?! Haaaaa.

The very first thing I said to a stranger when I first came to the US was "Is this the queue?" and she gave me the weirdest look. *sigh*

I know I saw that Beckham was coming to the LA Galaxy. Yay for me because I like watching him play. But unfortunatly there is not enough fan base here for football. Hopefully he can gather some more fans but most everybody in wrapped up in the NFL and baseball=(

There is very much an emotional aspect to being a football fan, like there is with baseball. It's very hard to be like, "Hey, umm, come and try loving this team!" There might be support from the immigrant community, I suppose.

Yeah I know its an emotional aspect. That's true from the immigrant country. Hope some support from here too.

Also ah HaHa Marcel! can't connect to the internet

Ahahaha Marcel! *giggles a lot*


His TELEPHONE? Seriously.

I have a Toshiba laptop too! We match!

Yeah, I just saw that.

You are Marcel Hossa!

Well, except that you can connect to the internet.

I have the odd image of him smashing his phone against his laptop in an attempt to connect to the internet.

I call it "American football" sometimes to differentiate it from "real" football AND the CFL. Because personally, I rate American football well below bowling in terms of entertainment value. :P

Oh, Marcel.

Everyone else in the world calls it "American football". :P

Not here, though! All we hear in Canada (like on TV, and in the news, etc.) is "soccer." Bastards.

I'm still totally mooney over Becks... but I don't think I could handle him saying 'soccer.' It just seems strange and wrong.

It was so freakish!!! He kept saying "soccer" every other sentence, and I was all cringy.

I thought Beckham should have chosen a better suit to wear for the video conference thingy. He looked so stuffy!

I just find it weird to see him in anything but active wear or jeans!


Oh, MAN. That totally made my night! :D

The whole football/soccer thing confuses me. I don't know how to watch American football; I'd much rather watch the other one.

And then under the Marian Hossa entry on SAS Wiki, it says: Unlike his brother, Marian has internets and talent.

Which is what led me to that thread in the first place. :D

It is horribly confusing at first. After watching it for two years, it will only be mostly confusing.

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