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Argh, no, can't... AMERICAN FOOTBALL!!!

I woke up this morning way too early, so turned on the TV (to ESPNEWS) because TV helps me fall asleep. Anyway, as I was dreaming, one of the people in my dream started droning on in this annoying London accent, and then I woke up, and actually it was Beckham droning on in an annoying London accent!

It was fascinating to watch, because he seemed to be able to say "soccer" consistently when talking about football without too much angst. But then the moment of weakness came when he started talking about the big sports in the US: baseball, basketball and American football. *chortles* Anyway, I was impressed. I have problems saying "soccer" and I barely paid attention to the sport growing up. I always have to say "football (soccer)". :P

I haven't watched the game yet, but Patty, oh Patty. *cries* I love that he said exactly the same thing about become goals leader as points leader: shows I've been here a while, those are nice things to have.

[Edit: Oh, and before I forget, SDQ and Allie pay attention! Marcel Hossa cannot connect to the internet. :(]
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