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Even Canadians think San Francisco is cold

So I went to the Oilers/Sharks game last night and got there early enough for warm ups. I went to the prime visitors viewing spot on the glass, because... Petr Petr Petr!

  • Gator is always so much taller than I think. Maybe that's because I think he's 6' and he's 6'3". :P
  • Petr was very scruffy, and stepped slowly and gingerly onto the ice. Kind of like he was hungover, but I think that's just him.
  • Nedved checked Thoresen lovingly when he came out onto the ice.
  • Bergeron and Horcoff are even more ugly in person than on camera. *shrieks*
  • Lupul was kind of clumsy and stumbly when he came out onto the ice, in the manner of the nerd with the high-waisted pants, suspenders and pocket protector.
  • Ryan Smyth's hair is a lot lighter than I thought. No doubt I will be surprised by this every time I see him, just like I will be surprised by Gator's height.
  • There were two herds of Oilers stretching near center ice, but Hemsky decided to start stretching all alone right in front of me! He did the ice humping stretch for a long time. Not only did he do up-and-down humping, he did forward-and-backward humping for a long time too!
  • I looked up from Ales' humpage to see Nabby being shamelessly slutty at center ice again. You know how when guys want to gossip with guys from the other team, they'll go pretend to stretch at center ice next to them? Not Nabby. He'll skate over directly to the person and start talking excitedly to him. I was trying to figure out which Oiler he was being slutty with then I saw it was Petr! I was confused for a while, then remembered that they played together for Metallurg Magnitogorsk.
  • Toskala and Markkanen were Finnishly slutty together, but in a much less obvious fashion. They engaged in some synchronized stretching as they talked.
  • I have to admit that my heart melted and I felt teary when I saw Petr tuck his left glove between his right arm and body, withdraw his left hand, then give himself a nice big heft. He then proceeded to do this four more times during warm up (that I saw).
  • Ales and Petr were standing next to each other and talking, and Petr grabbed himself, then lifted the front of his jersey up as if he was about to stuff his hand down his pants to get a better grip, but lingered at the waist band.
  • Petr stopped right in front of me and started fondling his blade!!! I was dying. He complained indignantly to Winchester about it, but Winchester completely ignored him. Just like Ryan Smyth ignored him later. It seems like the whole team ignores him except for Ales. He's the Alyn McCauley of the Oilers. :P
  • Petr passed to Nedved on a give and go, then gazed admiringly and lovingly at him for so long that he skated into Bergeron's ass. Bergeron ignored him.
  • In general, Petr was very smiley and cheerful the whole time! He was also skating full speed quite a bit, which you know, pretty much nobody does during warm up. I was speculating that the addition of Nedved had put him over the top, and he has a Czechgasm everytime he gets on the ice, but when I came home, I got a comment from joolzie that he found out his kid is most likely a boy, so maybe that was responsible for his excessive (even for him) cheerfulness.
  • Petr and Ales follow each other around a little bit in warm ups and stop in corners to chat every now and then. It's cute. :)
  • Petr is a looker. You know how some guys will look at people at the glass during warm up as they skate around? He's one of them. It was very upsetting because I would be looking at him as he came around, and there would (seem to) be eye contact. *shrieks*

My attention was devoted about 60% to Petr, 20% to Ales, 10% to Ryan Smyth and 10% to Petr Nedved, so if anyone else did anything, I didn't see it. :P

As far as the game goes, you know, I never leave games unhappy if I think Sharks put in a good effort, so it was fairly enjoyable. I thought the "bullshit" chant was hilarious.

While I was waiting for the bus at the train station after the game, somebody asked me which bus he should take, and I explained to him, because now that I think about it, it's kinda' confusing because there are 3 buses that all follow the same route for a long stretch, but stop at 3 different bus stops. My strategy is to wait at the earliest one, then if I see the other 2 buses, I sprint to the appropriate bus stop.

Anyway, he seemed confused and decided to just follow me. :P We were on the same train and he'd gone to the game too. He was from Toronto (Leafs fan), so he just wanted to go watch a hockey game. I found out where he was going and said he could just walk back, then he complained, "But it's cold..." He actually said that it was cold like three times, which I only found funny later. A Canadian complaining to someone from the tropics about the cold.

And it's 3 days late, but I'm going to talk about the BCS championship game for uhh, posterity or whatever. Congrats to the Gators! I really dug their QB tandem, which is like, ten times weirder than having a goalie tandem. I love that the black QB threw and the white QB ran, haha. Chris Leak, the black QB, is gorgeous. I may actually follow some SEC football next season. It's kind of bullshit that a team has 5 weeks off before a championship game, though. But having 2 teams play against each other while at their peak is much lower on the priority list than... whatever their other concerns are. Ratings, betting, etc.
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