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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Patrick Marleau

Patty talks! And gay porn trading cards?

I received the DVD of Patty Marleau After Hours from caitlin yesterday! *squeaks* Thank you!!! There's also a post-game interview with Mark Smith. :)

And and and... Patty on After Hours! They sat him down and made him talk for half an hour!!! How is that possible? Pics of his "cute little devil" baby Landon Patrick, and clips from when he was playing in Seattle, and and... he talks about living with Kelly Hrudey and his three daughters, and assembling a Barbie motor home for one of 'em and $#&@)%#@)*$


Patty on After Hours: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

I was reading a Playstation Magazine from last year (yeah, I"m kind of behind on those...) and umm... have any of you played Shadow Hearts: Covenant? Because I really want to know if the following is true: A wide variety of mini-games and side quests let you power up these characters, and range from the fairly mundane (fight extra battles!) to the completely insane (exchange gay porn trading cards for puppet dresses!)

Seriously, gay porn trading cards??? (Puppet dresses???) I mean... are there even gay porn trading cards? If there are, where can I find them?

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it was all very !!!!!!! lol

Dude, I think I have to pick up this game now, cos... gay porn trading cards!!!

AAAH YAY! I don't know how, but I totally blanked on that AH and didn't even know Patty was on. Then I read about how chatty he was and flailed and cursed and and and basically, I'm very glad I get to see it now. :)

Gay porn trading cards!!!

I wonder if they injected him truth serum or something to keep him talking!

I have to get this game!

Oh, that was the day I drove home for Christmas, so I was too wiped to watch HNIC. It all makes sense now.

And Patty -- omg with the baby!!! -- kind of made me weep with joy.

I'm glad you liked it.

I'm sorry my DVR was being a royal pain, but as tersa pointed out, SOME of the game (even if it was only the last 5 "minutes") is better than none.


You got the important bits!!!

I made it to the shark and the babeh before dying of the insane cuteness and rainbows and light and happiness oh my god. It's epic.

Dude, holding his widdle baby, and retrieving the puck Landon's first Sharks game and keeping it for him, and being all happy he was thrown up on in the hospital when he changed his diaper. Ahhhhhh, my captain, my captain!!! *cries*

*brushes teeth frantically*

Awww, man.

Evidently, ebay has items matching "gay trading cards." Unfortunately ebay is also moving slower than a snail who's been smoking weed for a week on molasses in January.

But I would totally check there :-P

Wah, false alarm. Enola Gay trading cards. *sigh*

I should get this game. It's supposed to be good anyway!

Looks like Petr's having a boy, or they're at least 80% sure. :) http://www.ahaonline.cz/cz/sport/hokej/9955/petr-sykora:-bude-to-kluk!/

I... hope he doesn't do anything obnoxious against you guys tonight...

Eee!!! Little Petrling!!!

Petr fondled his blade right in front of me at the glass. I almost exploded.

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