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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Martian Love

Avery keeps trying to take Thorty's clothes off

Friday night, I went to Lira's place for a sleepover! We had mac and cheese and watched the extended version of Fellowship of the Ring and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. The hobbits are gay, and the Weasley twins are really '70s. Ahh, good times. And she gave me Marian Hossa!!! *squeaks*

I have videos galore!

Tom Kostopoulos, Thorty and Sean Avery were on MAD TV Saturday night (Thanks for telling me, almightychrissy!) and there is Thorty being stripped by Avery (tattoos!) and Tom slashing himself with Thorty and stuff!

To continue with the uhh, slashing, there was a segment on Rick Nash's house and they show his Ohio plate SLASHER while he's talking about surfing the web and talking to buddies!

There's also Shane Doan riding horsies, the longer version of Marty "Kicking Bird" and Patty's post-game interview from the night he became Sharks all-time points leader. *cries*

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And he pointed too! And then Thorty was like *smiles* *pauses* "Wait a minute..."

"Not with each other." Ahahahaah. Oh, man.

And gosh, I do wish I liked Avery at least a little bit.

Uhm. I really really no, seriously. REALLY want Jensen and Doan to go horse back riding together.

I like how Avery spent half his time stripping Thorty.

AH!!!!!!! THEY EVEN SAID IT!! "We're lovers" *eef*!

You don't know exactly how traumatizing it was to me having Avery reach over to help Thorty take his shirt off. *weeps*

And then he did it again with the jersey!

hahaha i SO needed that laugh this afternoon! they totally are lovers haha

It's awesome when the boys slash themselves.

I threw up when she said 3 hot guys and they showed Avery.

But dude that was hilarious shit.

-Sean's the fighter... we're lovers.
-...not with each other!

Nice save there guys.

I liked that there was a grin and pause before Thorty said anything.

hahahha i'm laughing just from reading your sniplets and captions. When I get home I'll be watching those :] (being at uni's library... not so much)

I thought the Kings were going to be really unnatural (being Canadian, haha) but actually they were pretty good. Maybe that was after 32705270 takes.

oh rick! I have to go to work in like ten minutes, so I am saving the other ones for the end of my staff meeting. They are my reward.

oh rick! dweeb. i wish I had the be a player of him and his boyfriend with lindros.

and yay for sleepovers.

Hmm, so if Rick Nash is a "slasher" who surfs the web and chats with buddies online... which of us is Rick Nash???

Mmmm Avery was having just a wee too much fun stripping Thorty! Such love going on=)

Um Rick, I could I saw a Michigan helmet in there(I think I saw it, not sure) but you can't both an Ohio State and Michigan.. bad bad combo.=)

And note to self: don't play ping pong with Rick=)

Doan's was so cute with the horse=)

And OMG I love Marty, but okay Marty and Patrick noises=)

"And she gave me Marian Hossa!!! *squeaks*" - Squeaks for ya!

Thorty seemed very used to being stripped, too! Well, I guess he gets stripped a lot in fights.

Maybe the Ohio State and Michigan helmets have a secret, forbidden romance.

I love all these segments the NHL did about the guys. And I love Marian! :D

That was awesome. I wish I didn't hate Avery so much now.

"We're lovers."

". . . Not with each other."

oh lordy. shane doan how i love thee.

I wonder if we'll ever get to see videos of him vaulting.

I actually didn't hate Avery for a few minutes. I feel so dirty!

Rick Nash is too adorable.

I love Doan, too. It takes a special kind of person to talk about gymnastics on horses (?!) and not completely weird me out. :P

All 3 guys actually did pretty good! I was impressed.

Rick Nash is a slasher!

Someone on my friends list has a daughter who vaults, so it didn't sound as weird to me as if I didn't know it existed. Tights optional!

the next day my dad said to me "i thought you guys were watching lord of the rings!"
me: we were.
him: then why did i hear giggling all night? it's not a funny movie!
me: we were laughing at the gay hobbits.
him: oh, okay.

thanks for coming over, it was really fun. :)

Ha! I'm glad your dad took it in stride.

Thanks so much for having me over! :) And umm, anytime you want to see the rest, I can bring 'em over. *hugs*

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