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Avery keeps trying to take Thorty's clothes off

Friday night, I went to Lira's place for a sleepover! We had mac and cheese and watched the extended version of Fellowship of the Ring and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. The hobbits are gay, and the Weasley twins are really '70s. Ahh, good times. And she gave me Marian Hossa!!! *squeaks*

I have videos galore!

Tom Kostopoulos, Thorty and Sean Avery were on MAD TV Saturday night (Thanks for telling me, almightychrissy!) and there is Thorty being stripped by Avery (tattoos!) and Tom slashing himself with Thorty and stuff!

To continue with the uhh, slashing, there was a segment on Rick Nash's house and they show his Ohio plate SLASHER while he's talking about surfing the web and talking to buddies!

There's also Shane Doan riding horsies, the longer version of Marty "Kicking Bird" and Patty's post-game interview from the night he became Sharks all-time points leader. *cries*
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