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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Hot chocolate and Friday Night Lights

Starbucks peppermint hot chocolate is so yummy. I swear, I have a Pavlovian response to Chip getting up out of his office (to go get coffee) now. I perk and immediately ask, "Get me a tall peppermint hot chocolate?" before it registers what I'm doing.

I made the mistake of watching the first 3 episodes of Friday Night Lights last night, because then I kept wanting to watch just one more and... ended up watching 7 episodes and going to sleep at 6 AM. Also spent the first hour this morning thinking in a faux Texan accent, complete with "y'alls". I really love the dialogue in the show, though. Like, people don't really understand each other that well, use poor phrasing, and repeat themselves a bit. It's just like how people talk IRL! :P

It's raining like a mofo in Seattle and the game has been a puntfest so far. Apparently there might be snow in Seattle again!

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. . . I've never had their peppermint hot chocolate! All of a sudden I feel like I'm wasting my life!

I only tried it a couple of weeks ago and I have it almost every day now! I'm sure it's killing me in some insidious way.

Doesn't Matt Saracen's fumbling for words kill you dead?

It is so wonderful. I want to marry him.

Come save me Mae! I'm meeeeeelting! lol

Your boys were a little slow at first but they looked pretty good in the second half. :)

I was listening to the radio and the rain was so loud. It reminded me of Singapore, hehe.

I thought Alex Smith's touchdown that he ran in was pretty funny. He was so stealthy nobody noticed him!

Yay for snow here. No more rain. Snooooooww!!1 :)

Mmmm peppermint hot chocolate YUM!

Starbucks puts secret addictive substances in all their products!

oh god yes they totally do :)

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