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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Jonathan Cheechoo

Videos for Tammy

I think that's the first time I've come out of a period up 2-0 and thought, wow, we were terrible. :P

Uploaded a couple of Tammyish videos!

Cam Ward's day with the Cup
Joe Nieuwendyk Retires

Last night I bought a "mini gender changer" for $2.95. Female to male, specifically. ;)

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1. Cam Ward is a total loser. Jesus. Those shoes.

2. So, at the beginning with him jumping into Gary's arms it was like.. heehehe, but then at the end when they're talking about how he touched every one of his teammates and he gets all teary eyed... JOEY! *cries* He is such a good man. I love him so.

Does it only go FTM? That sucks for the men.

He brought it bowling! Boy leads an exciting life.

Whenever the guys start thinking back about their playing career and get all choked up, it makes me get all choked up. Wah!

There was MTF too!

oh joe, I love how he mentioned gary right at the start. Oh joe. still has to be expected, i thought it would be leclair retireing before him, but there you go. thanks for those babe.

I find it weird that Gary Roberts is still soldiering on. I expected them to make some sort of joint retirement announcement. :P

Man, I have a team full of dorks. :D

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