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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Tagged By crazies

RULES: Each player of this game starts off with 12 weird things/habits about yourself. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 12 weird habits/things as well as state this rule clearly. At the end you need to choose 4 people to be tagged.

  1. I can bend my arms back more than 180 degrees at the elbows. I didn't think this was weird until one day Chip noticed it and started shrieking stop doing that!!!
  2. When I eat, I assemble each mouthful with equal portions of everything, e.g. meat + potatoes + veggies. This becomes a problem sometimes when there are a lot of side dishes and I stuff everything in my mouth and then it gets too full to chew.
  3. I really, really hate when I get recognised by people I don't meet in social situations, but encounter because I go to the same eatery for lunch pretty often or whatever and they start talking to me. I intentionally walk on the other side of the street from my office, and cross only when I'm directly opposite the building entrance so I can avoid the parking valets who see me every day and say hi. I treasure my anonymity.
  4. I'm terrified of hairdressers. They're always mean to me. :(
  5. I fall asleep sleeping on my left side, because if I fall asleep lying on my right side, there's a chance I'll get nightmares.
  6. I'm allergic to broccoli. It makes me light-headed.
  7. I love watching weird niche sports like platform diving, billiards/snooker and indoor volleyball.
  8. I can get really obsessed with computer games. Once I played Quake for something like 14 hours straight. :P
  9. The sound of a sharpie on cardboard drives me nuts.
  10. Dogs and cats love me. One of my friends has a dog that's very unfriendly and skittish around strangers, barking at them if they approach. But when it saw me for the first time, it let me pet it, and then sat at my feet all through dinner. Cats like me too, but they make me nervous because they're very uncaring of people and often scratch, so I will very gingerly pet them, thinking "go away, go away, go away".
  11. I can open doors with my feet and program VCRs with my toes.
  12. I enjoy researching computer hardware and reading reviews and system guides and planning what parts I'm going to buy for my new system... but then I decide I don't really need a new computer and don't buy anything for a few months. :P

I tag tersa, bkm5191, frala and robi0688.

Does anyone watch I Shouldn't Be Alive? It's this show on the Discovery Channel about people who get stuck out in the wilderness in horrible conditions. In one of the episodes, a couple of guys got hit by three avalanches. Anyway, it's really harrowing what these people go through. I can't watch it at night because I get all tense and my palms start sweating and stuff. :P

My favourite new show of the season is Heroes, by far, but there are a couple of other shows that I didn't expect I would like as much as I do. I'm really enjoying Men In Trees and Brothers and Sisters, like, they're both just very warm and comfortable shows with so much lurve.

I'm irritated with the current House storyline. I thought last season's storyline with that rich guy who made a big donation to the hospital and kept wanting to get rid of House was bad enough. The show is good as it is, with the interesting cases, and the interesting relationships between all the characters. This is the problem with procedurals that decide they're going to add more storylines. The episode of CSI with Greg facing the inquest sucked (that storyline anyway). And that he's going to have to deal with a civil suit too. It's about as appealing as cancer.

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My sister can bend one of her elbows further than 180 degrees too, but that's because she broke it once.

And yes, the House storyline is very irritating. It seems to me like there's no way Wilson and House can get out of it with the whole thing still making sense. The individual things, trying to figure out why each character acts like s/he does is interesting enough, they're all so different on that show.

I love the dynamics between all the characters, it's just not fun when there's something weighing everyone down. Don't they get that people like to watch TV that's light-hearted? :P

Eef I HATE! hair dressers toooo (yet I depspretly need to get my hair cut as it hasn't been cut in over a year...) *pouts* I can type with my toessss!

Haha, typically people look at me strangely when I confess about the hairdressers.

I would like to be able to type with my toes!

I always feel that I am a burden or a hindrance to hairdressers. I feel like I'm taking up their time or something, and I'm always afraid to do anything--like move. I feel real bad when they have to wash my hair even though that's part of their job. And I'm real bad at small talk, not that I can hear them talk anyway b/c I'm deaf, but I can never carry on a conversation with them and if I try it gets awkward real fast.

sometimes i just want to pay them and then run out the door before they get to me.

There's just something inherently scary about a person waving sharp objects at your head! Hair washing is nice, though! I like the scalp massage thing they do. It's all tingly and stuff!

Ahh, you should go to ESL hairdressers, then they won't be able to talk to you! :P

Well. I always get someone with an accent which makes it even worse.

Yea I have the same thing with dentists too! *gaaa*

lol I learned how to do it in Brazil becuase the keyboard was on the floor and it was a pain to try and type with my hands..

I don't think indoor volleyball is a niche sport.

Also, am hating the CSI inquest/civil suit crap.

Really? I thought people just watched beach volleyball and mostly ignored indoor volleyball.

Did you watch the Brett Hull interview I linked to?

It just drags the show down. Did you watch the one with the identical twins? See, I thought I watched the whole thing, but then I realised I can't remember who killed them so I must have fallen asleep...

Well. Indoor team volleyball is quite popular in college, but the two-person beach volleyball is like very popular for the rest of the world. Indoor volleyball is kinda like tennis, I guess. Is tennis niche?

Yeah, I watched! I liked seeing him in the booth.

Oh. It was some dude. I forget who. Maybe the guy who faked an Iraq picture, and so he killed one twin, thinking it was the other. Then came home and killed the other while trying to get rid of evidence.

I think tennis is pretty niche. Speaking of which, hooray for Safin!

Oh! Yeah, I must have fallen asleep because that doesn't ring a bell at all. Thanks!

I suppose. It's difficult for me to remember these things because I love them so much. Like, hockey is a niche sport too.

Who won Davis last year? Wasn't it the Russians?

I was thinking it was Spain, but that was 2 years ago. It was Croatia last year.

I'll do my twelve things later, but let me say that I hate when people I don't know come up and talk to me.

and stop trying to practise your english on me! *cries*

I went to this coffee shop for three years in canada and it was good, then they got a new counter guy who said to me one morning 'in that blue again? and I never went back.

also I can't programme a VCR with all my fingers and a manuel so I am very impressed.

I would never go back there either! *shrieks*


if only for all the shots of petr with his hand down his pants!!

I actually, uhh, *shamefaced* have already seen all of those crotch grabs.

Eww, I really should not have watched that whole thing. Oilers and R&B music. Argh, why not have some Coldplay going too? *shudder*

ad since I am not done spamming your LJ that refreshed star you have is pretty fucking nifty!

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