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Mush, babies, MUSH!

We're making so much use of our widdle baby rookies that I feel like child labour laws are going to come down on us. Vlasic led the team in ice time tonight! He was on ice for all the goals for and none against (+2).

Then we got maximum value from Joe Pavelski, who scored the GWG, his 4th in 5 games. He is making it very hard for us to send him down! Not just because of the goals, but because he's playing pretty well, all around.

From Brennan Evan's blog, about Pavelski:
The second thing I am going to do is say congratulations to my young room mate Joe, who is currently scoring goals for the big club in San Jose. He got called up and is doing very well in his first couple of NHL games, so we all wish him all the best. The only negative thing is that because he is not here I have had to cook for myself. Needless to say, I have been eating a lot of toast and mac and cheese.

Yay for Mark Bell scoring a big goal. There's been a lot of complaining about him on message boards and such, and it's somewhat warranted, but I think it's happening mostly because the team is doing well and there's nobody else to complain about. :P Because of his ability level, I've been willing to give him more of a chance; right now, it's not like the team is losing games because he's not producing. He's put 3 solid games in a row together, and if he continues to play this way, I think his scoring touch is going to surface again.

[Edit: It's nice to see that Marian's a good influence on Ilya. :P “I just want to be plus,” Kovalchuk says with a laugh. “Plus-1, I’ll take.” Muahaha!]

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