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The Invincible M.A.E.

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But Ales isn't a rookie

Uhh, Principe blogged about Petr or something.

First and foremost, as someone who sees the team on the ice, in the room and on the road, Sykora is a classy, well spoken, friendly individual who likes being in Edmonton.
The other thing that doesn't show up on the stats sheet is the mentoring of Ales Hemsky by Sykora. Hemsky can learn a lot from his linemate and fellow countryman from a polished pro such as Sykora.

By well spoken, I assume he means "entertaining to listen to". And as for the second thing, umm... why is Petr "mentoring" Ales off the stats sheet. What exactly is Petr a "polished pro" at? :P

I don't know whether I've mentioned this in a post before because I have no memory, but an anagram of Petr Sykora is "streaky pro".

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OK, so I totally parsed "Principe" as "Priape", and that just took my brain right down into the gutter.

That was very embarrassing for me to say that--but you know me, I'm all about giving people a cheap laugh at my own expense. :p

Perhaps that would help with his adjustment issues...

By well spoken, I assume he means "entertaining to listen to".

Maybe they meant "a polishing pro". ;)

Haha, yes! Man, Petr has made "turn the puck over" into a Czech word.

streaky pro bwhahahahahaha

My ind won't go past the gutter and petr polishing Ales.

has there ever ben a wiff of scandal about petr? that is a good role model.

It's a very good name for him! :)

Umm, he had a reputation for being a playboy *gigglesnort* in New Jersey. He also dated a Baywatch ex-Playmate for a while.

What exactly is Petr a "polished pro" at? :P

Ummm... STick Handling? ;) *runs*


He did say, "I play with my stick every day."

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